Lead-Safe Certified for Your Peace of Mind

Commercial Painter | Residential Painter - Arch PaintingArch Painting is dedicated to keeping our clients and workers safe

We are proud to be a Certified Lead-Safe Firm by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The Lead-Safe Certified Firm Logo identifies Arch Painting as certified under the Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) Rule. Additionally, we are a licensed Massachusetts Lead-Safe Renovation Contractor.

This means we take every precaution when dealing with products or environments that may contain lead, and ensure that our crews, our clients, and the environment are all safe and protected. We have years of experience dealing with all types of lead paint, and know how to properly handle materials and equipment.

EPA Lead-Safe Certified Firm

Commercial Painter | Residential Painter - Arch PaintingCertification Number: NAT-71497-1
Issue Date: July 6, 2010
Certified for: All EPA Administered States, Tribes, and Territories

Massachusetts Department of Labor Standards Lead-Safe Renovation Contractor

Commercial Painter | Residential Painter - Arch PaintingLicense Number: LR002719
Issue Date: August 11, 2015
Certified for: Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Learn more about lead at www.epa.gov/lead.