Wallpaper making a comeback

Why Wallpaper is Making a Comeback in Homes!

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Wallpaper has been used for centuries to decorate the walls of homes and buildings, but it fell out of fashion in the 1970s as people preferred more natural materials like wood, stone, and even fabric. However, with wallpaper’s recent resurgence, homeowners have been rethinking their decision to remove this classic decorating tool from their homes and many are now coming back to wallpaper for its unique look and easy application. Wallpaper can be used in so many ways to enhance a room’s style and function.

textured wallpaperWallpaper gives a textured, artistic look and feel to a room.

Wallpaper can add depth, texture and an artistic feel to a room.

If you’re looking for a new way to decorate your home, or if you want to update your décor, consider the wide range of patterns available in wallpaper. Wallpaper comes in all shapes and sizes: from classic stripes and plaids to geometric patterns and floral designs.

The glazed paper provides a textured surface that can be used to create a focal point or pattern in the room. This is done by choosing the right color and design for your space. The use of wallpaper allows you to make bold statements with minimal effort by simply changing one wall or part of it. It also adds depth by creating patterns that contrast with each other when they are brought together on one wall. This creates interest and makes even simple designs stand out from their surroundings.

You can use wallpaper in smaller rooms to make them look larger.

You can also use wallpaper in smaller rooms to make them look larger. For example, a pattern that mimics the view through an open window will give the room a sense of depth and width. You can also create the illusion of more space by using wallpaper with a design that mimics a door or window and door combination.

When combined with other home decorating elements, wallpaper can be an excellent way to create an illusion of space in a room that may not be as large as you’d like it to be.

Traditional wallpaperYou can give a retro or traditional room a modern update with the right wallpaper.

Wallpaper can be used to give a room a modern, contemporary feel or even a retro or traditional look. It’s all in the way that you choose it and apply it. The benefit of having wallpaper on the walls is that it adds color and personality, but without the need for painting!

Go Retro: If you’re looking for an easy way to update your walls, look no further than retro wallpaper. Retro styles can range from floral patterns to animal prints, so there’s something for everyone. If you want something more subtle, try using one color with different shades of that color throughout the pattern.

Go Traditional: Traditional designs are another great way to add personality while still keeping things simple and elegant at home. Try using an ornate patterned wallpaper.

A room that lacks windows or light can be brightened up.

Consider using wallpaper as an alternative if there aren’t any windows in a room but still want some sort of light source coming through–this option works well especially if one doesn’t have enough money left over after purchasing items such as furniture etc…

  • Larger rooms. Patterned wallpaper can make a room feel larger than it is, while light colors will do the opposite.
  • Brightness. Light colors give a room a brighter feel, while dark colors have the opposite effect.

Areas where wallpaper is making a comeback include:

  • kitchens
  • bathrooms
  • bedrooms

Wallpaper is sometimes more practical than paint for certain living situations.

Sometimes, wallpaper can be more practical than paint for certain living situations. While paint is permanent and difficult to remove, wallpaper can be removed and replaced more easily. 

Wallpaper is also easy to install—it adheres directly onto the wall and is easy to remove if you change your mind about which pattern works best in your space.

If you do decide to redecorate your home after a few years of living in it, or if you move into a new house and want to change its look entirely, wallpaper can help make decorating easier than ever before. It’s also useful for covering up imperfections in a room that may not have been properly renovated before use as well as hiding temporary or permanent problems with walls (like cracks or holes).

 Unlike paint, which requires several coats and may need to be primed first, wallpaper usually only needs one coat of adhesive paste so it will stick properly to the wall or ceiling. You can also save money on wallpaper by doing it yourself instead of hiring someone else to do it for you!

Wallpaper can be used in so many ways to enhance a room’s style and function.

Wallpaper can be used in so many ways to enhance a room’s style and function. If you’re looking for a change of scenery, adding wallpaper is an excellent way to update your room. If you’re looking to add color, wallpaper is the best way to do it! Whether you want something light or dark, traditional or modern, there are no limits when it comes to how much customization you can use on your walls.

You may be wondering why wallpaper would be better than painting? Paint will always fade over time which means that eventually it’ll have to be redone again anyways. Wallpaper does not fade because it’s made from natural fibers such as cotton and linen – making it naturally resistant against scratches and abrasions. It also helps reduce noise in addition with helping out with acoustics – perfect if you’re living in an apartment building where everyone else around sounds like they’re having loud parties all night long every weekend.


If this sounds like something that might interest you, you should have the best in the business, Arch Painting, install it for you! Wallpaper can be used to create a room with an artistic feel, brighten up dark spaces, or update old-fashioned or traditional decor. While some may still view wallpaper as an outdated home decor option, others see it as an opportunity to customize their space and make it their own.

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Did you know there are Energy Efficient Paint Colors?

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Paint is a cost-effective and easy way to create a dramatic change in your home’s appearance. But many homeowners overlook the energy efficiency of their paint colors and how it can impact their electric and gas bill. If you’re looking for ways to reduce your energy consumption and make your home more environmentally friendly, choosing the right paint color is a great place to start.

Light colors reflect more light and help make a room feel cooler

Light colors reflect more light, which makes a room feel brighter. They also make your home more energy efficient. But because light colors reflect more of the sun’s rays, they can be more expensive than dark colors. You may want to consider whether you need all that reflected light if you live in an area with a mild climate and don’t spend much time in your home during winter months when daylight hours are shorter.

If you have children or pets who might unintentionally mark up paintwork with fingerprints or paw prints, then it’s probably not worth choosing a light color unless you’re willing to repaint more frequently than usual. Light hues are also likely to show dirt and stains more readily on their surface as they tend not to hold onto them so well compared with darker hues like gray or black

Darker colors absorb more light and can make warm rooms warmer

Darker colors absorb more light and can make warm rooms warmer. Dark browns, grays, navies, and blacks are all good options for rooms that need to feel cozy or intimate.

Darker colors can also be used to make a room feel more formal or masculine if you’re going for the opposite effect of bright or light hues.

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Most exterior paints are lighter than interior paints.

You should know that most exterior paints are lighter than interior paints. In fact, exterior paint colors tend to be white or light colors. They’re also matte or flat finishes, which means that they don’t have any shine at all; instead, they have a dull sheen that causes them to appear as though they’ve been diluted with water. This is because exterior paints are usually oil-based, which makes them more prone to cracking and flaking off in the sun’s heat and sunlight exposure. This is why choosing a paint color that reflects the sun would not only help extend the longevity of your house’s paint job but also save you money.

White is one of the best colors to choose for energy-efficient paint.

White is one of the best colors to choose for energy-efficient paint. White is one of the most popular color choices in the world, and it reflects light better than any other color. Because it’s a neutral color, you can use it throughout your home with confidence that it will match most things you have in your house.

You can use white as an accent or main wall color depending on what you want to achieve with your space. A lighter shade of white (like off-white) will reflect light well and make rooms appear brighter, while darker shades are great for creating contrast and drama when paired with darker furniture or other decor items.

Choose a lighter color for your roof to decrease heat gain

If you want to decrease the amount of heat your roof absorbs, consider choosing a light color. Light colors reflect more heat than dark colors, so they’ll keep your home cooler in the summer.

Dark colors include black, dark gray, and brown. Lighter hues include white, light gray, and light tan —these colors reflect more heat than their darker counterparts.

Light colored roofs are best suited for warmer climates where there’s little rainfall during the year because they won’t be damaged by moisture as quickly as darker shades would be.

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Choosing the right color can decrease your energy use.

As you’ve probably heard, color has a significant impact on the amount of energy your house uses. For example, if you want to reduce your cooling costs during the summer, choose cool colors for the roof of your house. This will help reflect heat and keep your home cooler.

If you’re trying to increase the amount of natural light in your home (to save on electricity), consider using lighter-colored interior walls and ceilings. Darker colors like black absorb more light while lighter colors reflect it back into a room.

Save money on your energy bill by choosing an efficient paint color

The right color can make a room feel brighter, warmer, and more spacious. These are all things that will help you save money on your energy bill.

  • The right color can decrease your energy use. Studies have shown that using the right colors in a room (with regards to lighting) will cut down on the amount of electricity needed to light that space by up to 30%. This is because certain colors absorb light better than others; therefore, they’re more effective at reflecting it back into a room instead of letting it escape out through windows or skylights as heat radiation. Reducing this type of heat transfer also helps keep rooms cooler in summer months—which means less air conditioning usage during hot spells (another way we save money!).
  • The right color makes a room look bigger than it actually is when viewed from outside through its front door or windows–which means more sunlight for you and less need for artificial lighting! And remember: when people feel like there’s more space around them visually (even if there isn’t), they’ll feel calmer too–which saves money by reducing stress levels!


Choosing energy-efficient paint colors can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. By finding your climate zone, taking the time to investigate what paint colors will work best in your home and following some simple tips, you can choose the perfect color for your walls and ensure that they reflect heat. Try these strategies in your own home and choose Arch Painting to do the job!


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The Best Colors to Paint Exterior Commercial Properties

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First impressions are everything—especially when it comes to winning over potential customers or impressing your stakeholders.

Therefore, the color you choose to paint your building can have a serious impact on the livelihood of your business.

Choosing the right paint color for your commercial building is easier said than done.

There are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind, such as complementary colors based on color theory, the local environment, and exterior paint color combinations that are popular for commercial buildings.

With a little bit of research and diligence, you will be able to find the perfect colors for your property.

We can help. Here are our top tips for choosing exterior paint colors:

Take color psychology into consideration.

When choosing a paint color for a commercial building, it’s important to consider the psychological effects of different colors.

Different colors can evoke different emotions, so it’s important to choose a color that will create the desired atmosphere for your business.

For example, blue is often associated with calmness and serenity, while yellow is associated with happiness and energy.

Why complementary colors often look the best together

Complementary colors sit opposite of each other on the color wheel.

When complementary colors are used together, they can create some of the most striking and vibrant color combinations. The colors “pop” when placed side by side.

For example, if you’re painting a commercial building that you want to look modern and sleek, you might consider using a combination of black and white.

Just remember to use complementary colors in moderation. Too much of a good thing can be… well, too much.

Consider the local surroundings of your building.

When choosing paint colors for a commercial building, it’s important to take the local environment into consideration.

If you’re in an area with a lot of trees and greenery, you may want to use earth tones or other natural colors. If your commercial property is in a more urban area, brighter colors may be more appropriate.

You’ll also want to consider the color scheme of the other buildings in the area. If most of the buildings are brightly colored, you may want to choose a more subdued palette for your own property.

On the other hand, if the other buildings are mostly neutral in color, you may want to choose a more eye-catching combination for your building.

Keep your brand guidelines in mind.

Your paint color should also be in line with your brand identity. If you have a corporate logo, try to choose a paint color that complements it.

You want your customers to be able to easily recognize your business, so choose a color scheme that will make your business stand out.

Next, you want to make sure the paint color is appropriate for the type of business you have.

If you have a formal business, you’ll want to avoid using bright or flashy colors. Instead, stick with more muted tones that convey professionalism and sophistication.

On the other hand, if you have a more creative business, you can be more flexible with your color choices. Feel free to experiment and choose a paint color that reflects your unique brand identity.

When in doubt, look at other buildings to see which color schemes work and which ones don’t.

You’ll want to create a color scheme that is visually pleasing and easy on the eyes.

One popular combination is white and gray, which can give your property a clean and modern look. Another popular choice is beige and brown, which can offer your building a more traditional appearance.

Let’s look at a few examples of color schemes on commercial buildings:

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Office building exterior paint colors

1. White: White is a classic choice. It emanates professionalism, sophistication, and simplicity.

2. Gray: Gray is a neutral color that can be used to create a variety of different looks when combined with other hues.

3. Black: Black can be used to create a modern and sleek look for an office building.

4. Tan: Tan conveys a sense of stability and reliability, which is a great look for a business.

5. Brown: Brown gives a more traditional appearance to a property. Therefore, it is a popular choice for office buildings.

Neutrals are versatile. You can pair them with a pop of color for visual interest.

However, you also can’t go wrong with warm hues because they will make an office feel inviting and welcoming while still maintaining a professional appearance.

Whichever colors you choose, be sure to test them out on a small area of the building first to see how they look in natural lighting before committing to a full coat.

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Warehouse exterior paint colors

The paint colors you choose for your warehouse should look professional, yet approachable.

1. White: White is the most popular color for warehouses because it looks clean and crisp. It’s also a good choice if you want your warehouse to blend in with its surroundings.

2. Gray: Gray is an excellent option if you want your warehouse to have a more modern look. It’s also a solid neutral color that goes well with other hues.

3. Blue: Blue is professional and inviting. It’s a calming color that can help reduce stress levels in the workplace.

4. Green: Green is calming just like blue is, but green is more earthy. It’s a good color for warehouses that want to convey eco-friendliness.

5. Red: Red is eye-catching and energetic. If you want your warehouse to appear exciting and modern, consider red!

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Restaurant exterior paint colors

Your exterior paint colors will say a lot about your restaurant.

Whether you want to give off a fun and festive vibe or a more sophisticated and elegant feel, the right color can make all the difference.

Here are some of the most popular exterior paint colors for restaurants to help you make the best choice for your business:

1. White: White is a classic option that can create a clean and crisp look for your restaurant.

2. Black: Black can give your restaurant a modern and sleek appearance.

3. Red: Red is often associated with energy and excitement, making it a great choice for a lively restaurant.

4. Yellow: Yellow is perfect for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for your restaurant.

5. Purple: Purple can add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your restaurant.

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Retail store exterior paint colors

There are a few key factors to keep in mind when choosing exterior paint colors for your retail store.

First, you want to make sure the color you choose compliments the style of your store. If you have a modern store, you might want to consider a stark white or black.

If your store has more of a rustic feel, earth tones could be a better option. You also want to make sure the color you choose is visible from the street and makes your store stand out from the competition.

Popular exterior retail store colors include:

1. Gray: This is a great option if you want your store to look professional and sleek. It’s also a good choice if you want to play it safe with your color choice.

2. Red: A bright red can really make your store pop and help it stand out from the crowd. This color is perfect if you want to attract attention and drive foot traffic.

3. Yellow: A cheerful yellow is perfect for a retail store that wants to convey a friendly and inviting vibe. This color is sure to turn heads and attract customers.

4. Blue: A cool blue is a good choice for a retail store that wants to appear calm and serene. This color is amazing for stores that sell services to promote relaxation, such as spas or yoga studios.

5. White: A clean white exterior is excellent for a retail store that wants to appear fresh and inviting.

No matter which color you choose, make sure it reflects the purpose of your store.

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Hotel exterior paint colors

Exterior paint colors can make a big impact on hotel guests’ first impressions.

The right color will convey a welcoming and hospitable atmosphere, while the wrong color will give off a cold and unwelcoming vibe.

When choosing exterior paint colors for your hotel, it’s important to consider the overall tone you want to convey as well as the colors that will coordinate well with your existing décor.

Popular exterior paint colors for hotels include:

1. White: White is a classic color that emanates elegance and sophistication. It’s a natural choice for hotels that want to give off a clean and sleek vibe.

2. Beige: Beige is another popular choice for hotel exteriors, as it conveys a sense of warmth and hospitality.

3. Gray: Gray is a good choice for hotels that want to project a modern or sleek image.

4. Blue: Blue is a calming color that offers a feeling of tranquility.

5. Green: Green is a refreshing color that conveys a sense of nature and can be used to create an inviting outdoor space.

Always review samples of potential paint colors.

Before making a final decision, be sure to get samples of your chosen paint colors and test them out in the space. The paint may look different in person than it does in the store, so it’s important to see how it will actually appear before making a purchase.

After you choose your exterior paint color, what’s next?

It’s time to work with a professional contractor that can help you execute your vision and paint your property with razor-sharp attention to detail.

Arch Painting is the best commercial paint contractor in the Northeast.

Here at Arch Painting, we defy the commercial painting contractor stereotype with our top-quality performance and friendly customer service.

You can count on us to be refreshingly fast, trustworthy, and receptive to your commercial exterior painting needs.

Want to learn how we can help with your commercial painting project? Get in touch with our team.

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How To Tell When It Is Time To Paint The Exterior Of Your Home

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If you aren’t sure if you need to repaint the exterior of your home, then there are steps you can take to not only find out if now is the right time to be painting your property, but to also find out if the weather is ideal. Take a look below to find out more.

Paint that is Fading or Discolored

Faded or discolored paint isn’t just a sign that your paint is old. It can also indicate that you have some lingering issues beneath the surface. Sure, paint does fade over time if it is constantly exposed to bright sunlight, but if your paint is fading even on the shaded parts of your home, then this can indicate that you have an even bigger issue on your hands. It may mean that you have water intrusion for example. If this is the case, then you may see some water stains dripping down the side of your home. You need to call an expert to sort out this issue before you try and repaint it. If you notice that the farmhouse yellow paint that you used a few years ago is now looking more beige, then this could be because your paint has faded. Either way, if this is the case, you are certainly due a new paint job.

Cracked or Flaking Paint

If you know that you live in an area that is known for humid summers or even cold winters, then you may notice cracked or bubbling paint. If you look deeper, then you may see issues such as wet rot, or mold. Be sure to replace any damaged wood or material before you paint because paint is not able to stick to rotted wood, and painting before this is sorted will result in you having an even bigger issue on your hands. Either way, cracked and flaking paint is a major sign that you need to repaint your home. You will need to prepare the surface before applying new paint, if you want to stop the same issue occurring again

You Intend to Sell

Another reason why people tend to paint their home is because they intend to sell. If you are thinking about listing your home on the market, then this is something that you should really be thinking about. If you don’t, then you may end up making a bad impression on whoever comes to view your home. You may also find that you end up lowering the overall value of your home. By giving the exterior of your home a good paint job, you can avoid all of this, making your home much more appealing while also helping it to stand out from the other properties on the market. This is especially if you hire a professional, as they can advise you on the best colors to paint your home and they can also help you to get that nice, smooth finish that is synonymous with curb appeal.

Shrinking or Damaged Caulk

You may also see that a lot of the caulk around your windows or your doors is damaged. If this is showing signs of wear, then you may want to think about repainting. Many house painters tend to redo the caulk as part of the job. Either way, you have to remember that caulk is able to expand and contract over time, and when this happens it can lose its elasticity. If this is the case with your home, then this is a strong sign that you are probably due a new paint job as well.

Your Curb Appeal is Declining

If you notice that your home isn’t looking as good as it once did, then you may want to try and get a new coat of paint put down. This will make your home look fresher and much more inviting. You may also find that it increases your home value dramatically, and this is always a good thing.

Your Home is Brand-new

Now you may be thinking, if your home is new, why would you invest in new paint? The main reason for this is because a lot of contractors will spray one coat of paint over the primed wood. They depend a lot on the primer, as they treat it as if it is an undercoat. That being said, one coat probably isn’t enough to stop any damages over time. If your home is new, then you should try and repaint it in four to six years. If you can do this, then you can probably save yourself a lot of money when compared to painting it at a later date.

Your Paint Looks Fine

Remember, you do not have to wait until your paint is showing big signs of damage before you think about hiring a professional. Painting your home before you start to see big chips can easily prevent a lot of damage to the exterior of your home. You may even find that it helps to minimize the need for doing prep at a later date. This can include recaulking, replacing the wood and scraping. All of this will lower the cost of getting the job done and it can save you a lot of effort.

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You See Staining or Mold

Exterior paint is quite often damaged by things such as mold or even mildew. If you see things like this, then you may notice green, black or even red stains. Mold like this can flourish, whether you live in a hot climate or a cold one. If you have a lot of condensation on your walls, then you may find that this can also work against you. When painting your home, be sure to remove the mold there by using a bleach detergent. You can then proceed to paint it as you normally would.

What Time of Year should you Paint the Exterior of your Home?

So now you know some of the top signs that you should be looking out for when the time comes for you to paint your home. That being said, you need to make sure that you are painting it at the right time of year. If you don’t, then you may find that you end up not being able to get the best result. One good rule of thumb would be for you to avoid doing any exterior painting when the temperature drops below around 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The main reason for this is because if the weather is too cold, then the paint may have a hard time adhering and this can cause it to roll off. Exterior paint can usually dry within an hour, but humidity can make things much more difficult. Ideal conditions would be for you to paint between 65- and 90-degrees Fahrenheit. If rain is on the forecast, try and avoid painting outside.

Why Hiring a Professional is Always a Good Idea

Hiring a professional to paint your home is always a good idea. A lot of people don’t know this but there are actually a lot of steps that you need to take before you go ahead and start painting your home. You will need to prepare the walls and you will also need to fill in any holes. On top of this, you will also need to prime and invest in the right equipment. One way for you to make things easier on yourself would be for you to leave it to the professionals while you focus on the more important aspects of your home.

You may think that by avoiding hiring a contractor, you can save a lot of money. Although this is true, you can usually spot the difference between a professional painter and a novice DIY painter from a mile away. A professional is far more likely to be able to choose products that suit the walls of your home, and they can also choose colors that are very much suited to the general appearance of your property.
Hiring a professional ultimately means that they are fully insured when it comes to doing their job. This can save you a lot of trouble because it means that you will be insured. If there is a lot of issues during the paint job then the painters will be able to fix it and if there is damage done, you can relax knowing that the expenses are not going to be paid by you.

All in all, painting your home is a fantastic way for you to rocket the potential of your investment and it can make a huge difference to your curb appeal. If you want to get the best result out of your paint job, then it is wise for you to try and hire a professional while also making sure that you are painting your home at the right time of the year. This can be any time, depending on where you live because as long as you aren’t painting during extreme heatwaves or cold spells, you shouldn’t have a problem.

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Top 3 New Trends for 2022 Spring Exterior Painting

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Top 3 New Trends for 2022 Spring Exterior Painting

There is no better way to make the exterior of your property unique than with exterior paint. Even if your home is made from brick, it is possible to paint the material and transform the outside of your home. Or, if you want to paint features around your home to transform your exterior look, then you could use the paint trends to paint your fences, benches, and more.

Furthermore, there is no better time to repaint your exterior than in Spring. These are the months where the weather is improving, there is less rain and therefore, more time to get the job done. Painting when the weather is right (not too hot and not too cold) will make the job much easier and stress-free. Therefore, if you are looking to paint the exterior of your home this Spring 2022, then here are the top 3 exterior paint trends.

Light Hues

When you think of spring, you think of light colors. Typically, pastels and creams come to mind, right? Therefore, there is no better trend to follow than the light hues trend. This entails various colors from pastel blues and yellows to white and light beiges.The great thing about the light hue exterior paint trend for Spring is that there are so many colors to choose from.

No matter if you prefer a splash of color or a minimal neutral tone, so many colors fit into this trend.Furthermore, it is most common to have one wash of color in a color-based trend, especially if you want your home to look modern. Hence, it will be pretty straightforward to paint the exterior of your home.

Should you want to use multiple light-hued colors, then you could use a design or block of color. Either way, sticking with the light hues will ensure that you align with the trend and make your home look Spring-appropriate. If you are someone who prefers color, then the best light hues to choose include pastel blues, green, yellows, and oranges.

These are the most natural and minimalist colors that you will find in the ‘light hue’ spectrum. Opposingly, if you prefer neutral shades, then you might want to opt for a cream or off-white. Anything that reflects the color of natural stone is pretty popular among the light hue trend for Spring 2022.

For a cleaner finish, a pure white would fit this trend. Anything that offers lightness and cleanliness offers that minimal, clean, and versatile finish.If you are someone that prefers to keep the bricks their original color, then you could paint features around the exterior of your home with your chosen light hue shades. For example, you could consider painting your fence a lighter color, which is quite unique. Fences are often darker tones as they as more weather-resistant.

However, if you want to transform the exterior of your home into something unique, then painting your fence a lighter color is pretty trendy.Or, you could use the light hues to paint your door, a bench, or your flower pots. There are so many exterior features that you could consider adding to align with the light hues trend. Or, you could transform your current features.

Limewash Walls

Limewash walls are a huge trend for Spring 2022. These walls are being seen inside and outside of the home. A limewash wall appears cloudy and chalky. In effect, it transforms a wall into a natural-looking wall, as if it has been stripped of its color and restored to its original look. The reason for the limewash wall being so on-trend is because so many people are preferring natural canvases.

Seeing as limewashed walls look ‘stripped-back-to-basics’, there is no better way to achieve the natural look. Although this trend might seem tricky to master yourself, it is easily possible with the help of expert painting companies like Arch Painting. To achieve a limewashed wall, it is common to use mineral based paints. These offer the chalky and cloudy look.

The limewashed wall trend typically includes greys or beiges. However, it is possible to align with the Spring 2022 trend and use other colors. For those who wish to truly stick with the trend and achieve the look that other people are attempting, then greys and beiges are the best colors to choose for limewashed walls.

The limewash trend for Spring 2022 is the only one where you will find it difficult to paint anything other than the walls. You could paint your flower pots. But, you won’t find it as effective as painting benches or fences with mineral-based paints. Therefore, if you want to use the limewash paint trend, then you will want to consider painting your exterior walls.

Deep Green

Interestingly, deep green colors are very on-trend for 2022. Unlike the light hues and limewashed greys and beiges, deep green is a totally unique color to go for when painting the exterior of your home. Sticking with the ‘natural’ theme, deep green is among one of the most natural colors among the darker tones. This is due to it reflecting trees, forests, jungles, and other outside spaces. Hence, although it is very different, it does still conform to the natural trends.

For those that prefer block colors, especially those a lot bolder than pastels, then deep green is a great option to choose for your exterior paint. Seeing as it is a bold color, it makes the styling of your home’s exterior pretty easy. It means that you won’t need to add much to make it unique or attractive. Instead, the color will do the work, and also, it will likely stay on-trend for quite some time.

If you are someone that enjoys lighter tones but still wants to use these deep green exterior paint color trends, then you could consider using a feature wall. Just like inside the home, you can paint one wall with the deep green shade and paint the rest another lighter shade. Therefore, you will still align with the trend yet not have the entire exterior the same color. If anything, using a feature wall will help you hit two Spring 2022 exterior paint trends on the head.

You could use the light hues trend and paint three walls off-white and finish off with a deep green front-facing wall. Moreover, you could use the deep green color for accents around your exterior. For example, you do not necessarily need to paint the walls. Instead, you could paint the fences or outside benches with the deep green shade.

Deep green is a shade that is appropriate for all seasons. It is ideal for Spring as the green shade represents nature, which everyone starts to enjoy again once the weather warms up. Thereafter, darker exterior paints often offer longer-lasting results as it is less likely to stain. Painting with darker colors can sometimes prove difficult. Therefore, it might be a good idea to use a professional to help you get it right. Or, you might need more coats than other lighter shades.

Overall, there are pretty fun trends for Spring 2022 when it comes to exterior paints. Over the years, quite dull and ordinary colors and finishes have been popular for residential homes. However, in 2022 it seems more people are leaning towards fresher and more natural finishes. For example, the limewash wall was a highly popular exterior paint trend decades ago. Some homes were finished with limewashing as opposed to brickwork. Hence, the circle the trend has taken is seeing homeowners going out of their way to achieve a limewash finish.

The stand-out trend for Spring 2022 is the deep green. Although it is no surprise as most paint companies are seeing an increase in demand for various green shades, it is definitely unique. It is common to see pastel greens and sage greens on the outside of homes. However, these tones might be considered dated for 2022. Hence, deeper greens are a great choice to align with the Spring 2022 exterior paint trend.

Should you not be keen on painting your exterior yourself or simply want a professional finish, then it is worth in investing in expert help. The team at Arch Painting will help you with any exterior paintwork. No matter what trend you want to choose for repainting your home in Spring 2022, they will have the experience and tools to make it come true.

It is often worth asking for help when you are repainting the entire home, as it is quite a big job and often requires some level of safety measures. Hence, you can attain professional results, stay safe, and hit the nail on the head with transforming your home to align with the Spring 2022 exterior paint trends.

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The Importance of Choosing the Right ​​Commercial Painting Company for Athletic Venues

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Painting your sports center is one of the best, most impactful ways to renovate your space, not to mention the most cost-effective too. The power of a fresh coat of paint, and even a change in style, can enhance the appearance as well as the gameplay. It will ensure you are well protected as a business, as well as refreshing the safety of the sports facilities, for example, with anti-slip paint. It will also mean that it will look much more pleasing to the eye, and allow everyone to enjoy the facilities more.
Painting a sports or athletic venue is a huge decision, as it will take a lot of time and budget to complete, as well as mean closing the center while the project is underway, which is why it is vital that you choose the best painting contractors to fulfill the job for you. The last thing you want is to spend all that energy on a job that is not completed how you want, or to the highest standard.
It is important that you take time to consider what you want for your sports facility, and find the right contractors to work with. It can be a challenge to do, as you will need to find a company that you can trust to do the job efficiently, to a high standard, and meet your deadlines. It can initially feel like a hassle to do, especially as your sports facilities may be closed for the time of the refresh, however, with the right company, your business will benefit greatly from it.
Here are some of the top reasons why you should be very careful on who you hire to paint your business, and some top tips to help you choose the right contractors to partner with.

Professional support and advice

The right contractor will be able to provide you with professional support and advice from the moment of inquiry, and throughout the entire process. It can be quite daunting and overwhelming to tackle a job like painting a sports facility, and hiring the right contractors, especially if you are a business that has not worked with one before. Painting a sports facility is no small or simple task, and it is vital that you partner with painting contractors who have the skills and experience behind them to complete the job in both large and small venues, and will be able to adequately advise you on what will work for your business, and what will not. You want to make sure they will take the time to understand your business well, and therefore, help you choose the right colors and overall professional look to best showcase your branding. Professional painting contractors will also have the knowledge to formulate a tailored approach to your business, to ensure any special requirements can be fulfilled, as well as make it safe for sports to go ahead. For example, special urethane and epoxy floor coatings are durable, resilient, and known to resist abrasion and cleaning solutions, which can benefit any sporting facility that endures high traffic, and keep the appearance intact, as it will avoid the typical wear and tear of standard flooring.
The right company will be professional and supportive, which will also ensure peace of mind, knowing your facilities (and your money) are being left in the right hands.

Professional skills and experience

Unfortunately, getting a group of friends together to paint a large facility will just not have the same effect or quality as hiring a specialist painting contractor. The right painting contractor will have spent years in the industry, educating themselves on design, the right materials and paint to use in a variety of facilities, as well as the ability to perfectly manage and execute the job, regardless of size. A good contractor will have a good amount of experience, good reviews from previous customers, and know exactly how to bring your vision to life. They will have the skills to support you through the entire process, and execute all phases of the project, from the initial stages of identifying your business needs and desires, working with your budget, creating the design, sourcing the materials and paint, and then delivering the project on time. A good contractor, with the relevant skills and experience, is vital to ensure the job is done properly, and there are no issues or delays. They should also hold the correct documentation and licenses, which you can ask to review.

Boost morale

Sports can be challenging, and intense. The right painting contractors will be able to help you choose the right updates that will add color, variety, and personality to the facilities, which can help boost overall morale and motivation. There is an increasing number of facilities who are looking to be more innovative with their interior design, as science has shown just how impactful the interior space of any environment can impact passion, motivation, and morale. The choice of color palette will significantly impact the general feel, and environment of your facilities. The right colors will be able to boost productivity, make players more alert, and boost happiness. The right company will assist in bringing your facilities and branding to life in new and innovative ways.

The quality reflects on your business

Painting a large area of space in a commercial environment is no small, or easy task. It needs to be completed to a high standard, as the decor will be the first thing clients and members will notice when they walk into your building, and it will also reflect your brand messaging. The quality of work that is completed is vital, as it will reflect on your business, which is why it is crucial that you choose the right painting contractors to work with. First impressions count and have the power to have a positive, or detrimental impact on your business, and the players who use your facilities. You want to work with painting contractors who will design your sports facilities with purpose, and complete the work to a high standard, as it will reflect positively on your business. If the design and quality of work are poor, then that is exactly what customers are going to think of your business. In society, people are known to make snap judgments. It takes less than a second for a person to form an impression about a person or a business facility. This opinion will reflect the money they are willing to pay for something, and whether they will look elsewhere. Without high-quality contractors, you risk losing customers to your competitors. This impression can be made solely on the visual appearance of your businesses, including the colors, spacing, and structure, which is why you have to be extremely careful with who you partner with, as they need to have the expertise to assess your sports facility and paint according to the space. You cannot just slap paint on the walls and hope for the best, a lot of thought and skill has to go into it, for example, by simply adding an accent wall into the lobby of your facility, which is a great way to add personality and variety to the space, while enhancing your branding.


Commercial Painter | Residential Painter - Arch PaintingValue for money

Finding the right painting contractors to partner with is vital to ensure you get long-lasting results, and value for money. A good contractor will be able to tackle any project, know how to develop a good visual design for your facilities, have the skills and expertise to complete the job to a high standard, and use the best products from the industry’s top brands. Professional painting contractors will also be able to utilize their skills and experience and bring fresh eyes and perspective to your initial design, as they would have worked with a range of clients in the past, and know what works well. They can easily spot the potential of any space, identify pain points and provide you with practical ideas. They can then work with you to ensure that a creative solution for your space is sought, and ensure you get the best value for your money. A space needs to be safe, aesthetically pleasing, as well as functional. There are lots of components that need to be considered when painting a sports facility.
It is important to make the right decision, as you want to get the job done right the first time. Without the right company, or trying to take the job on yourself comes with a lot of risks, that may not be good for your time, budget, and cause disruptions to your business. You will not be able to guarantee it will come out as you anticipate, and with a lack of experience, you risk not planning for delays and issues that may arise. It can also be extremely challenging and stressful, without the right skills and experience. A good company will know how to properly plan and strategize the execution of the job and provide excellent results.


The right painting contractors will use the best quality products on your facilities, as well as have competent skills for the job. The contractors will have the experience to prep and clean the facilities properly, use the right products in the right places, use the right and most efficient techniques, use the most effective tools, and will pay attention to every detail. They will be well equipped to do the job, which means having tools beyond just paintbrushes. They will have the correct tools to most effectively paint different areas, as well as safety gear to get to the hard-to-reach places, patching tools, and much more. They will also be adequately insured in case any problems arise on site, such as damage, that can then be efficiently dealt with.


Finding the right painting contractor will ensure your facility refresh will be much more cost-effective, and you will be able to stick with your intended budget. They will be able to work with you to ensure the job is priced as it should be, have no hidden or surprise costs, and will have all the right materials, tools and equipment with them to complete the job, as well as insurance. This means you don’t have to fork out on hiring or buying all the equipment, and rest knowing everything is taken care of.

The benefits of taking time to find the right painting contractors to partner with are well worth it, as the paintwork can make or break your business. You can ensure the job is done right the first time, meets your timelines and budget, and creates a long-lasting impression on your clients and members. There will be a significant difference in the quality of work completed when you find the right painting contractor to work with, as opposed to the results you would see with a DIY job, or the wrong contractor. They will be able to use the right tools, techniques, and paint that will improve the efficiency of the job, as well as the anticipated outcome. Hiring the right contractor will be an investment, but one that will benefit your business for years to come.
As one of the top choice painting contractors in New England, here at Arch Painting, we are a professional company that you can trust to do the job to a high standard, utilizing all skills and expertise to ensure that your business is bought to life through the new color palette, that will create a long-lasting impact. We have worked with some of the top facilities, such as Fenway Park, Gillette Stadium, Rivier College, Orangetheory Fitness, and Wheaton College. Arch Painting has over 20 years of experience, which means that you have peace of mind, and trust knowing your sports facility is in professional, and hard-working hands. We will not compromise on style or quality, and promise to deliver our best work with every project.
Contact our specialist team today for a hassle-free conversation, to see how we can partner with your business to help you refresh and enhance your sporting facility.

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How Accent Walls Can Add Taste and Style to Your Lobby… With Less of the Work

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If you are looking to add taste and style to your lobby, one option you should consider is an accent wall. In any commercial environment, you want to create an area that looks professional while also branding your business exceptionally well. This is exactly what an accent wall can achieve. With that being said, continue reading to discover more about using an accent wall to enhance your commercial lobby area.

What is an accent wall?

An accent wall is an interior or exterior wall that can have a different color, material, design, or shade when compared with the other walls around it. Take a standard, square shape living room as a prime example. If three of the walls are beige, yet one wall is painted a bright orange shade, the orange wall would be known as an accent wall.

Why are accent walls so popular?

There are a number of different reasons why accent walls have become so popular. An accent wall gives you an easy and effective way of adding more color to a room, bringing individuality and variety. For businesses, this is an excellent way of adding personality and bringing your brand to life.

An accent wall also gives you an effective way of using a bold color in your lobby without overwhelming the room. For example, let’s say you want to paint your accent wall bright orange. If you were to paint the entire lobby this color, it would be too overpowering and possibly headache-inducing. Instead, one wall of orange will make a big impact without being too dominating in your lobby area.

Accent walls are also popular because they create a focal point in the room. There are a lot of different ways that you can use this to your advantage. For example, you could seat receptionists in front of the accent wall. Alternatively, you could also add a mural to the wall to brand your business effectively. The options are endless but there is no denying that when someone enters the lobby, their eyes are going to be drawn to the accent wall.

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Creating a lobby that reflects your brand

Now that you know what an accent wall is, let’s take a look at the lobby and why it plays a pivotal role in terms of your brand image and the sort of environment you want to create.

When you walk through the front door of any company, you get a sense of the culture of the business straight away. The flow, floor coverings, furniture, signage, lighting, and colors used all say something about your business. This is why it makes sense to team up with a commercial interior painting company that can ensure that your lobby is inspiring and professional.

The lobby, in particular, presents your business with a great chance to communicate your sense of self. Show your customers and your employees what you believe in and what you are trying to achieve. Your lobby can tell a story; it is a place for customization and differentiation.

If your lobby is drab, and the space feels neglected or it does not match the vibe of your business’s personality, this is an opportunity you have missed. Even worse, it can be a disadvantage to your business. Your lobby can end up being a turnoff for prospective employees and potential customers because you have not communicated your strengths and vision effectively.

The appearance of your lobby is just as critical for your employees as it is your customers

Not only does the appearance of your lobby matter in terms of the impression you give off to your customers but it also makes a difference to your employees.

A lobby that looks professional and is well-designed can instill a sense of connection and pride. It can remind your employees of the objectives that they are working toward. It can also help to foster engagement during a period whereby disengaged office workers are outnumbering employees who are engaged.

If your workforce is disengaged, it can cost you a lot of funds, as well as undermining your business goals, drains resources, and slows projects.

In addition to this, an excellent lobby can facilitate creativity and productivity. Increasingly today, your lobby is not just a waiting area for potential clients and visitors. Instead, it is becoming a space that can double up as a touchdown area for mobile workers or a breakout area.

No matter the design, the lobby needs to put forward a genuine experience of the brand.

Painting your lobby

When it comes to painting your lobby, you need to ask yourself whether your choice and style of paint portray an accurate picture of the brand. Does it send the right message? Does it create the right move? Does it create a meaningful connection with those who walk through the front door?

When painting your lobby and creating an accent wall, it is important to choose a color that represents your brand effectively. Select a prominent shade that will stand out and represent your business well. Some companies even have their own custom color created so that they can use this to represent their brand.

You also should not be afraid to think outside of the box when it comes to accent walls for your business. You are not limited to choosing a single paint color and going for a black shade of it. There are plenty of other ways that you can use paint to create an impressive commercial space. For example, you may want to opt for a specialty paint finish or a pattern, like stripes. Metallic paint provides you with a great way of making a powerful style statement in your home. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a sleek and stylish accent wall for your commercial environment.

You may also want to think about painting the rest of your lobby as well. The color of the paint that you have in the room now may not really work well when it comes to adding an accent wall to the design. It makes sense to keep the rest of the room neutral and then to use a bright or bold color for the accent wall. If the color of the lobby does not really go with the shade of accent wall that you desire, painting the entire lobby can make a lot of sense. Plus, you want to make sure the entire room has a sleek finish, rather than one wall looking a lot fresher than the rest.

You also should not shy away from bold colors. So long as the accents in the room are right so that they coordinate well with the new color, it will work well together. Of course, you will want to make sure that your choice is on-brand and works very well with the sort of industry you work in and the customers you are dealing with.

Create a wall that brands your business

You may want to consider creating a “brand” wall, for example, you could choose a dark shade of paint and then you could add some metallic wall art that states your business name, such as a metal sign that’s finished in gold. This can work especially well if you have some sort of reception area within the lobby. But even if you don’t, a branded wall like this can make a big impact. The key here is to make sure you do not have many other things around the wall, which can end up making it appear rather distracting instead of packing the powerful punch that you are looking for.

Use a professional commercial painting company for your accent wall

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits that are associated with adding an accent wall to your lobby area. Not only do they look amazing but they work wonderfully in terms of branding your business and creating the perfect atmosphere. Plus, the options are endless.

However, if you want to experience all of the benefits that come with having an accent wall in your home, it is important to use the services of an experienced team of commercial painters. After all, you want to make sure the final job is one that is professional and looks amazing. The last thing you want is a shoddy paint job that will end up reflecting badly on your brand image!

A lot of people think that painting is as simple as opening a tin of paint and brushing it on the walls. If only that was the case! There is a lot that needs to be considered. You need to make sure that you treat the walls beforehand and that the right type of paints are applied. From adding different treatments to power washing the walls, there are lots of different steps that may need to be taken before the painting begins, depending on the current condition of the wall.

It is also important to consider the fact that not all of the paints available for sale today are considered safe for clients and staff members. Some can feature toxic gases and chemicals, which could cause harm to the individuals working within your commercial building. However, if you select a high-quality commercial painter, you will know that they have the experience and knowledge to provide you with the safest quality paint.

You will also save a considerable amount of money and time when you work with a professional painting firm. They will not get in the way of your work schedules. Instead, they work around them. Here at Arch Painting, we know the importance of working in a quick and efficient manner, carrying out a high-quality job in a short space of time. We never cut corners but we always make sure that you are not inconvenienced when carrying out one of our painting services.

Final words on enhancing your lobby with an accent wall

So there you have it: everything you need to know about enhancing your lobby area with an accent wall. This is a great way of creating a beautiful yet professional environment at your business premises. However, it makes sense to team up with experienced commercial painting companies who can help you to create the sort of environment and style you are aiming for.

If you have any queries about this, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today for more information. We have many years of experience and we will be more than happy to assist you in any manner we can. You can also check out our commercial painting reviews to get a better understanding of the level of service that we provide.


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Choosing the Right Color for your Commercial Space, and What It Will Say About your Business

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Every decision your business makes is an important one. When it comes to your commercial space, everything from the signage outside to the layout of your office says a lot about your brand. 

The color you choose to paint your commercial space has a huge influence on your brand image and the way your employees and customers feel. 

With that being said, in this blog post, we are going to take a look at why it is important to consider the color of your offices with care and what your choice will say about your business. 

Why choosing the right color for your commercial space matters

Before we take a look at what different colors say about your business, it is important to understand why this matters.

Colors are associated with different emotions and feelings. They also make us feel a certain way. Your choice of paint color, therefore, will influence everyone who steps foot into your business space. It shapes how they feel about your business.

Color choices can also encourage people to take action. For example, yellow is a very creative color, and so it can be inspiring when used in offices for design work. Choosing colors with care is more important than you may realize. 

Therefore, it is important to carefully strategize about the sort of commercial space that you want to create. If you want to generate an office that is sophisticated and luxurious, you need colors that signify this. If you want to create a commercial space that is peaceful and calming, you need colors that will play to this tune. The colors you choose have a massive impact on the overall ambiance in the room and the sort of brand image you want to give off. 

It is not just about the colors you choose, but it is also about the quantity of each color used, as well as your color pairings. The right color pairings can achieve balance within your business space. However, if you use too much of a certain color, it can tip the scale in the wrong direction, giving off the wrong impression and even causing frustration amongst workers. It is very much a balancing act, which is why working with professional painters makes a lot of sense. 

What do different colors say about your business?

Now that you know why color psychology is so important, let’s take a look at what different colors say about your business. 

Light blue

There is only one place to begin, and this is with light blue! Why? Well, light blue is one of the most popular colors used in commercial spaces. It has proven to be highly valuable in industries whereby employees need to be incredibly focused and productive, for example, accountants benefit from being in a light blue office whereby they have the perfect setting for carrying out repetitive tasks. 

An intellectual color, light blue lowers mental strain, encourages clear thoughts, and soothes the mind. It also promotes loyalty, confidence, and orderliness. 

Of course, it’s not just about choosing the most dominant color in your office but you also need to consider what other colors you will pair with light blue. If you want to keep the space balanced and add a bit of positivity, orange accents work well. Alternatively, you may want to partner blue with white or another neutral shade to prevent the interior from feeling unfriendly and cold. 

The color of the sky, blue is soothing, calming, and refreshing. This is why you will often see it used in doctors’ offices because it can help nervous patients feel at ease. 


Purple is considered the color of royalty, so if you want to create a luxurious and regal office space, purple is the choice for you. 

It is also a color that is linked with the finest quality too, so using it to decorate your commercial space can communicate to your clients that you are the best in the business. This is something that has stemmed from the olden days when purple was an extremely costly pigment, meaning that only the richest, i.e. royalty, could afford to buy it. 

Depending on the colors that purple is paired with, it can also have a mysterious and magical feel to it, which conjures thoughts of fantasy and romance. However, be careful of how much purple you use, as it can create a gloomy environment when you use it excessively. 


Any workspace that is spatially challenged is going to look brighter and bigger when it is painted white. White also generates a sense of neutrality and balance, giving it the ability to diffuse vibrant colors. In color psychology, white means cleanliness and purity. 

However, one thing that you will notice is a bit of a recurring theme in this guide is avoiding using too much of one color. The same goes for white. White can look clinical, boring, and uninviting when it is used excessively. 

Pure white can also appear a bit too harsh, which is why it makes sense to go for the warmer, softer off-white instead. 


Pink is a nurturing and calming color that radiates romance, hope, and femininity. It also stands for success and healthy, which is why people say terms like “everything is rosy” and “in the pink.” 

As pink is very close to red, it has the same energy and warmth without being too intense. In fact, it can even be a calming color. 

Deeper shades of pink can help to alleviate feelings like abandonment, resentment, aggression, and anger – all feelings that no one wants to have in their commercial environment. 

However, we only recommend using pink as an accent color to neutral hues or to paint one wall, as too much pink can be claustrophobic, emasculating, and draining. 


A brown backdrop teamed with rich wood furniture creates an office that screams power, strength, and masculinity. It has a lot of the same qualities as black, yet it is an earthy color, which means it brings more warmth and support. At the same time, it signifies being steadfast and industrious. 

To prevent creating an office that is stodgy, you can add some blues and greens. Another option that will create a sophisticated and classy business space is to pair it with ivory. 


If you are looking for a color that is associated with authority, power, and control, black is a perfect choice. When it is used with the appropriate accents, it can make your office look elegant as well. This is why you need to use black with care, as too much black can appear intimidating. 

Black offers a great way of creating a classy appearance while showing dominance. Make sure you choose a good complementary color to go with it – gold never fails for that lavish vibe! 

This dark shade also exudes dignity, sophistication, and formality, so it is perfect when showcasing your professionalism. 


If people in your office work long hours, green is a kind color that will be very much welcomed. It is the easiest color on the eyes, offering gentle stimulation throughout the day. This can help you to keep efficiency and productivity levels high. 

Green is also a color associated with health, peace, and the planet. It is often used by charities and other businesses that are dedicated to doing good. 

A reassuring, restful shade, which is full of vitality, green is most dominant in nature. It is, therefore, no surprise that it is associated with balance and well-being. This makes it a low-wavelength hue, which is also suitable for medical offices to help sick patients relax, as well as being appropriate for finance offices where people deal with money.


Yellow is deemed to be the “memory color” because it can help people to retain information, which is never a bad thing in the workplace! So, you could tactically paint the wall behind the whiteboard yellow, which can help workers to retain information during their training sessions. Of course, yellow is also a cheery and joyful color, which can help to raise spirits. 

We all want to create a business space that is positive and uplifting so that people enjoy coming to work every day, and this is what yellow can help to achieve. It is a color of vivaciousness, self-esteem, optimism, and warmth. 

A color that induces happiness, it can help to boost the ego and brighten people’s spirits. You can strategically use yellow in office areas where teams work to instill friendliness and openness. 

Yellow is a highly creative color. It is reminiscent of the sun. An optimistic and warm shade, yellow stimulates the spirits of everyone in your business space, getting the creative juices flowing and inspiring innovation. 

One unfortunate thing, though, is that yellow makes people feel hungry! So, you should use it sparingly, or you’ll find most of your workers will spend half of their day at the vending machine. 


The use of red in the workplace is something that is very much debated. This is because red is the most stimulating color; it boosts the heart rate and increases blood flow. As a consequence, this can be a very productive color for work environments whereby there is a lot of physical activity or workers need to be mentally alert. 

However, red must be used sparingly. You should never paint the entire commercial space red. If you do this, it can end up causing feelings of anger, irritation, and even stir up too much competition between team members. A highly energizing color, it is best used for decorations, accents, and furnishings, teamed with a neutral palette to balance out the red. 


Orange brings together the two colors mentioned above; red and yellow. It perfectly mixes the emotions of yellow with the energy of red. This creates a shade that can stimulate both the body and the mind. 

Orange is a very fun color, symbolizing determination and happiness. 

If you use excessive amounts of orange, though, you can end up crossing the line from a serious business to a fun playground. You don’t want to over-socialize the atmosphere, as this is counter-productive. So, as is the case with most colors, it is all about balance.

Carefully consider what colors you are going to use alongside orange to create the perfect balance. For instance, painting one wall orange can give a splash of color to a room that would otherwise be boring. This helps to increase energy, ensuring people get through the typical afternoon lull in the workplace. 

If you have a creative and innovative bunch of workers, orange can help to bring out the very best in them. Warm and vibrant, it helps to create a sense of confidence and comfort that enables people to do their very best work. 

Orange will also spread cheerfulness and friendliness, representing warmth, determination, youth, and success. It can help keep your employees positive and enthusiastic, which is something we can all strive for. 

We would recommend painting collaboration areas and casual office lounges with extroverted orange to encourage discussion and social communication.

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Final words on choosing the right color for your commercial space

So there you have it: everything you need to know about choosing the right color for your commercial space.

The color you choose will have an influence on your brand, as well as the way your employees feel while they are working in the space. This is why it is important to take the time to consider the sort of environment that you want to create when it comes to your business space.

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Here’s Why Wallpaper is Making a Comeback

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You didn’t really think that wallpaper was going to go out of fashion, did you? This is one trend that has major staying power, and it’s back with a bang. 

You may have noticed that wallpaper is being increasingly used in decoration projects for both commercial and domestic spaces. 

In fact, Pinterest has revealed that in 2020 searches for “wallpaper” were up by 41 percent. But, what is it about wallpaper that makes it such an attractive choice? Read on to discover four of the different reasons why wallpaper is making a comeback. 

What makes wallpaper the go-to trend at the moment?

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So, let’s take a look at the four main reasons why wallpaper is making a comeback:

Wallpaper comes in so many different styles and textures today

There is only one place to begin when it comes to the popularity of wallpaper, and this is with the fact that there are so many different textures and styles for you to select from today.

Examples include natural grasscloth, embossed silk textures, foils, beads, gels, suede, raised inks, glitter, pearl, and much more. This means that the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a beautiful interior design with the use of wallpaper. 

These beautiful prints and intriguing textures can have a big impact on a room, adding style, depth, and warmth that monotone paint simply cannot achieve. 

Of course, you don’t have to add the same wall covering to all of the walls. You can play around with different options in this regard, from mixing and matching wallpaper to creating a feature wall. 

In fact, you can even use wallpaper to simulate a number of different finishing materials. After all, the concept behind wallpaper was the desire to generate the effect of finishing cloth. Today, wallpaper can imitate virtually anything, from rusted and gold iron to Venetian plaster and marble. 

Wallpaper is great at hiding imperfections and it is easy to look after

Not only does wallpaper come in many different colors, patterns, styles, and textures, but it is effective at hiding imperfections as well. 

If you live in an older property, cracked walls can be unsightly. However, wallpaper can do a great job of hiding this. The patterns will hide blemishes and smudges, and wallpaper is pretty easy to clean as well. All you need is a little bit of water and a sponge!

You can expect many years of use from your wallpaper

Another benefit is that wallpaper is highly durable. So long as you choose quality wallpaper and you look after it properly, you can expect your wallpaper to last for a long time, retaining its color and ensuring the appearance is left unchanged. 

If you do decide that you want to switch things up and introduce some new colors and patterns to the mix, it is easy to do this. You can easily remove wallpaper and add a new design. It won’t cost much nor will it take a lot of your time. 

Wallpaper provides a cost-efficient way of giving your home a makeover

Last but not least, another reason why wallpaper is making a big comeback is that it provides you with a cost-effective way of transforming your home. 

Over the past 18 months, a lot of people have struggled financially due to the pandemic. We want to give our homes a sleek and stylish new look, yet our budgets are restricted, so we need something that is affordable and impactful. This is exactly what you can expect with wallpaper.

It certainly won’t cost a lot to get your home wallpapered. At the same time, this is an interior design change that can have a massive impact and completely change the look and feel of any room.

How do you choose the best wallpaper for your interior design project?

It does not matter whether you are re-designing a commercial or domestic space, it is important to carefully consider the style of wallpaper you are going to go for. With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the important elements to consider:

The type of project

The first thing you need to consider is the type of interior design project. After all, decorating your home living room requires a different approach compared to decorating your business’s client meeting rooms. 

As a consequence, you need to think about the sort of room you are designing, what this room will be used for, and your project objectives.

For example, if you’re looking to create a home office space, you will want to think about wallpaper designs that are inspiring, motivational, and enable you to be the most productive version of yourself. You won’t want to choose anything that is too complicated or distracting!

Your choice of color

When choosing a good wallpaper color, we recommend something that fits in with your furniture, flooring, and window treatments. Here are some of the different approaches you may want to consider:

  • For an easy and smooth transition, repeat the wall paint color as the main wallpaper color.
  • Use the accent color as your chief color in your wallpaper to create contrast and drama. 
  • Select colors from the color palette of the rest of your decor. Repeat one or more of the colors with your choice of wallpaper. 
  • You can get the color saturation of bold paint color by choosing a colored wallpaper that has a pattern that is a few values lighter. This approach is something that works incredibly well when trying to create an elegant interior design in a bathroom. 

Wallpaper styles

Next, you need to think about what sort of wallpaper style is going to be best for you. It needs to flow with the rest of your space. Here are some examples to give you some ideas and inspiration:

  • Contemporary – For more modern decor, consider wallpaper with an abstract or geometric pattern.
  • Victorian – For this period style, a baroque floral damask makes a beautiful wallpaper choice.
  • Rustic – Consider a textured wallpaper, such as a wildlife pattern to fit in with your theme, plaid for warmth, or grasscloth for depth. 
  • Country – A country motif, gingham, or plaid pattern may be a great choice for your country decor. 
  • Casual – There are lots of different ways you can enhance your casual decor with different patterns, such as textured, floral, or plant print.
  • Glam – The choices for glam wallpaper include dramatic reflective, glitter embedded, crystal, flocked, or embossed designs.
  • Formal – Finally, a formal interior benefits from various types of elegant wallpaper styles, such as damask or hand-painted prints. 

Plain or patterned?

This section leads on from the two former points about wallpaper colors and styles. You are not going to be limited to using plain wallpaper, even if your decor already incorporates a number of different styles.

The aim is to choose the right pattern size and colors, for instance:

  • A plain wallpaper can provide a nice visual break for decor that is heavily patterned. 
  • If you choose patterned wallpaper, opt for something with a bigger or smaller pattern than the upholstery or drapery fabric pattern.
  • If you have patterned upholstery or draperies, an easy option is to choose textured wallpaper or tone-on-tone patterns. 

You also need to think about whether you are going to go for a wallpaper that has small or large patterns. A lot of people believe that you need to choose the same scale patterns as the room, for example, large prints for large rooms, and small patterns for small rooms. However, this is a myth. 

You may want to use a small pattern in a big space whereby the room is broken up with in-built furniture, doors, and windows. In this situation, a small pattern can offer excellent visual appeal with hints of pattern and colors, as well as teasing breaks. 

Where should you use wallpaper?

There are lots of different ways you can utilize interior wallpaper in your home. You may choose an accent wall or you can apply it to every wall in your room.

Wallpaper can be used for highlighting wall space broken up by built-ins or to break up wall space. 

Accent walls

One of the best things about using wallpaper is having the ability to transform a room into a design that has heaps of style and depth. The easiest and most economical approach is to select a solid wall and create a wallpaper accent wall. 

Here are some tips on mastering an accent wall:

  • If you are looking to add some magic to the wall behind your dining room sideboard, Art Deco geometric wallpaper could be just the design you are looking for.
  • Your accent wallpaper can be as dramatic as you want it to be. We love lush tropical leaf patterns, leopard prints, stripes, and fun textures too!
  • You can use two different kinds of wallpaper in the same room. For example, you may decide to use a jacquard print wallpaper for three of the walls and then create an accent wall with stripe paper. 
  • If you are looking to add an accent wall to your bedroom, wallpapering the wall behind the bed helps to create an elegant statement.   

Why do you need a professional for wallpaper applications?

A lot of people assume that they are going to be able to wallpaper their home with ease… until they get started! Hiring a professional wallpapering company will save you huge amounts of time. You know that they have provided this service time and time before, so they will be able to quickly and efficiently wallpaper your home. 

Plus, professional installers are much more knowledgeable. They know exactly what is required to install wallpaper. After all, depending on the types of walls you have and the current condition of them, you may need assistance with one of the following:

  • Priming new drywall
  • Removing any texturing
  • Repairing cracks
  • Filling in holes
  • Cleaning the walls
  • Deglossing any enamel paint
  • Removing old wallpaper

Do you know how to fulfill all of the tasks that we have mentioned above? If not, it is certainly not worth taking the risk. You could end up making your home a lot worse if you try to apply wallpaper without prepping the walls correctly. 

However, a professional installer is going to know how to work with different types of wall coverings. Whether you want natural textile wall coverings, embossed wallpaper, or vinyl-coated paper, you can count on a professional wallpaper to get the job done correctly. 

Of course, a lot of people believe that they are going to save money by attempting to carry out the installation themselves. This is rarely the case. Installing wallpaper requires a number of different tools, and these tools aren’t cheap!

You may have a few items lying around, like a bucket, step stool, and a tape measure. But do you have all of the tools that you are really going to need to get the job done correctly?

Don’t forget that different tools can be needed depending on the type of wall covering that is being installed. 

This is how you can end up saving a lot of money by paying a professional to do it. They will have all of the tools required to wallpaper your home. Plus, you do not have to worry about being charged any extra if a certain type of wallpaper has a special installation process that needs to be followed. 

When you take all of this into account, it is not hard to see why professional installation is the cheaper option of the two overall.

Final words on why wallpaper is making a comeback

So there you have it: an insight into some of the different reasons why wallpaper is making a comeback. We hope that this has helped you to get a better understanding of wallpaper and what is making it such a popular choice today!

From the beautiful look that you can create with wallpaper to the ease of maintenance and low price tag, it is not hard to see why wallpaper keeps on coming back in fashion! 

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Epoxy Floor Striping And Why It’s Important

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Epoxy flooring and epoxy striping are aspects of a warehouse (and similar workplaces) that are extremely popular. They provide not only practical and functional benefits, but also improve the aesthetics a little. Whenever you enter these kinds of establishments, you will often encounter epoxy flooring without even realizing it. In this post, we’re going to run through what epoxy floor striping is, the benefits, and why it is seen as so important. 


What Exact Is Epoxy Floor Striping?

We’ll start off by answering the simplest question. Epoxy floor striping is quite literally the act of applying epoxy paint to a warehouse floor without concrete preparation taking place. Warehouses are vast spaces and need to be organized well if you want efficiency and productivity to thrive. Without solid organization, the entire space can be seen as nothing other than wasted potential. 

 Creating organization lines for a warehouse might seem like an easy enough task, but if you don’t use the correct equipment and materials, you may find yourself frustrated by the lack of quality. Employees may end up struggling to navigate through the next task due to faded lines that need to be amended. This could then lead to more confusion and a snowball effect could ensue. 

 The best solution, therefore, is to bring in epoxy floor striping. It’ll organize the flooring and look pretty good in doing so. Let’s have a little chat about the pros of this paint and the practice of striping.


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True Benefits Of Epoxy Floor Striping

It’s Long-Lasting 

If you’re hoping for little maintenance and a lot of longevity, then epoxy can be used perfectly for around three years at the very least. You might even get a good five years out of it if things fall in your favour. If you want the longest-lasting lines, you can utilize ‘shot blasting’. With this, a thin layer of concrete is removed where the lines will be created. Once the epoxy is thrown on, the paint and the floor will be at an even level – meaning it will be harder for the paint to chip away. This isn’t an overly necessary technique as epoxy is very resilient anyway, but it’s great if you’re always looking for marginal gains. 

If you need to change up the lines in any kind of way at some point, epoxy lines can be removed and matched to the color of the floor. 

It’s Heavy-Duty

Epoxy floor striping is immune to the heaviest of weights and the most heavy-duty of occasions. It is durable and resilient when it comes to the likes of forklift traffic and other vehicles. Forklifts are utilized so much in warehouses, so you can expect them to be a huge part of the daily running. The flooring can take quite the beating from these vehicles. 

Even the likes of smaller forklifts can do all sorts of damage to a warehouse floor. It may look as though they’ll only tickle the surface, but consistent work will cause plenty of wear and tear. When it rolls over the epoxy flooring paint, you’ll find that it can stand up to it and behave like you’d hope it should. Other similar kinds of paint will be bullied and removed pretty quickly.


Easy To Maintain And Clean Up

The epoxy warehouse striping is pretty simple to maintain and clean up. You may not think so initially as it’s such a strong and significant substance. You’ll be pleasantly surprised, though. The epoxy lines are hard to remove, of course. That, and they have epoxy sealant all over the entire concrete warehouse floor. This makes the cleaning job a lot simpler for those involved as polishing and cleaning the floor won’t need to be thorough. Bringing in expensive, specialist equipment is also not going to be necessary all of the time.

Cleaning the epoxy is so easy that only a mild detergent and a soft mop are necessary to clean the entire surface. It’s wise to avoid using harsh cleaning, hot water, and hard bristles if you want the best results. 


It Allows For Better Organization

Epoxy striping creates better organization in the working area. Well-organized warehouses make time more productive – this will then lead to more money being made and an overall healthier environment. Productivity and efficiency are boosted when you have the right kind of flooring and the right kind of organization. The floor striping will do wonders as it will properly show the correct aisles and traffic lanes. Employees will be able to understand better how things are supposed to operate and it just makes the entire machine flow that much better. 


Safety In The Workplace Is Improved

Believe it or not, the epoxy striping will improve safety for the warehouse you’re working in. When areas are properly identified, it allows those working to better understand how traffic flows and where safety hazards are at that time. Using common color coding techniques, you can show areas that should be veered away from or approached with caution. This kind of visual communication will not only help to boost efficiency but could really save people’s health going forward. It could even stop someone from being seriously damaged during the working day.


The Appearance Is Enhanced And Defects Are Covered

While it is brilliant at the job it is required to do, it also has passive traits alongside that make it an even better product. It takes what might be quite a bland and boring-looking place, and turns it into something a little easier on the eyes. If you ever needed to spruce up your place of work, the epoxy striping would be a fantastic option. It brings fresh and youthful looks. Any business owner will tell you that impressing with aesthetics matters quite a lot. It also covers prior defects that may have been created over time.

There are plenty of different designs and colour options around, so you will have an array of different designs and color options at your disposal. You’ll get to pick the style that suits your workplace the best. Decorative options can be added to the mixture in order to create a speckled look that not only increases the aesthetic value but improves the traction. 


It’s Eco-Friendly!

Epoxy striping is a chemical compound, but it is an eco-friendly option because it only requires a few materials and will not need to be constantly replaced. There are significant benefits environmentally here as there is a big reduction in materials and machinery. Other flooring installations will need to require saws for tiles, wood for certain other aspects, and all kinds of other machines. Epoxy flooring will need a lot of work for the initial roll-out, but it’s so much less than other methods of flooring.

Due to the durability and the longevity of epoxy flooring, the number of materials and the work that goes into it is way below others. Resources are only used when absolutely necessary. If your company is very green or you have your own eco-friendly motives, then epoxy is a marvelous option for this kind of initiative. 


Finally, It’s Cost-Effective

When looking for new flooring to improve efficiency or the looks, you might end up paying a lot of money. Removing the current flooring, buying new tiles, etc., and dealing with additional costs are three things that you don’t want hanging over you – and that’s just three points. When you work with epoxy and then work with the striping, your current flooring doesn’t even need to come out. This spares so much time, money, effort, and stress. The idea of revamping always seems like an expensive and extravagant one – it doesn’t always have to be this way.

We’ve talked about looks previously, but if you’re looking for a flooring that is going to really boost the aesthetics while not costing you all that much money in comparison to others, then this might be a no-brainer. The installation here will require a few coats with drying time sitting in between, but this will always be so much better than most other options financially. If you run into any trouble regarding repairs or flaws, then the treatment options are also pretty affordable.

Investing in professional installations here will be value for money; the epoxy flooring stays around for a significantly long time – as we’ve already covered. Professionals will know what they’re doing from start to finish and will complete it all without error. Doing these kinds of things yourself will likely result in flaws and poor practices. This will then need to be amended – which will, of course, cost more.


Could You Argue Any Disadvantages Regarding Epoxy Flooring?

As we’ve gone through the good aspects of epoxy flooring – and there are plenty of those – it’s only fair that we approach from a different angle. Getting the full story and hearing both sides will help you to understand even more and get an even better view. 

Epoxy floors will be rock hard and create a loud noise when doing basic tasks such as walking. While they’re perfect for a warehouse-style environment, they will likely be exclusively used for such. The likes of office spaces and homes will not be appropriate. This is fine, however, as it’s what is expected. It’s also a pretty cold and eerie style at times – especially without heating and underfloor heating involved. While this isn’t a huge point, it’s worth saying. 

Ripples can, at times, become apparent in the floor if ever there is unevenness or a significant number of cracks. This is a solid point to make as you’re going to need everything to be fully even and flawless for the best installation results. 

If the floor does not have a proper finish, it will become sensitive to UV radiation. The good thing here is that a couple of coats of HIM finishing coat can help this significantly. 


What Colors Are Traditionally Used For Striping?

When it comes to choosing the right colors for your flooring, OSHA recommends colors that suit different meanings and intentions.

Yellow is the color that will designate caution in an area and will be used to mark physical hazards. Striking against, stumbling, tripping, falling over, and caught in between are all good examples of this.

When there is danger ahead, red should typically be used. This will be paired with lettering or symbols in a color that contrasts the red appropriately. A slight warning will be the color orange. This will be for when things aren’t immediately going to cause trouble, but will if you continue on. Again, it will come with symbols or letters from a contrasting color to really stand out and make the point.  

A biological hazard should be shown in fluorescent orange or orange-red.


How Should One Prepare For Installation?

Before you head into the installation process, it’s wise to carry out a cleaning process so that everything is ready. Epoxy floor striping can begin once everything is clear and has the green light to proceed. If you’re unaware of how to prepare in terms of cleaning, you won’t have to be burdened too much as professional installation companies can take care of it if you so wish.


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