Expert Painting Services for Historic Buildings

We Have the Know-How to Preserve Your Building’s Historic Beauty, Inside and Out

New England is rich in architectural splendor, and we’re very lucky for that. This abundance well-preserved historic residences, public buildings, and landmark structures gives our region a flavor that sets it apart from most of the country. These significant buildings span a number of eras, each with its own traditional looks and authentic colors, which should be carefully and respectfully preserved whenever renovations are done. Arch Painting knows and appreciates the needs of these important buildings, and we have the expertise to maintain their aesthetics and heritage.

Whenever we’re called on for services in buildings of this caliber, we take great consideration and care to maintain the appropriate look. One part of this is choosing the right wall coverings and the authentic colors of the specific historical period that applies. We’re pleased and proud to have this expertise, which we’ve built over more than 20 years of experience, with sincere interest in these key components of our heritage. Arch is the contractor you can trust to attend to your treasured building’s special requirements and get the job done with the greatest level of attention.

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We’re honored to have worked on some of the best-known historic buildings in New England, including:

  • Harvard University – Holden Chapel
    Built in 1744
    Architectural style: Georgian
  • Phillips Academy – Churchill House
    Built in 1881
    Architectural style: Queen Anne
  • North Congregational Parish Church
    Original House Built in 1790
    Architectural style: Federal
  • Governor George S. Boutwell House
    Built in 1851
    Architectural style: Greek Revival, Italianate
  • Woodbridge Grammar school
    Built in 1905
    Architectural style: Colonial Revival
  • Boston Symphony Hall
    Built in 1900
    Architectural style: Classical Revival
  • Middlesex County Courthouse
    Built in 1851
    Architectural style: Colonial Revival,
    Italianate, Renaissance Revival
  • Exchange Hall – South Acton, MA
    Built in 1860
  • Phillips Academy – Blunt-Clark House
    Built in 1825
    Architectural style: Federal, Second Empire

Your Peace of Mind Is Our Highest Priority

Arch Painting is fully insured with coverage that includes liability insurance, Worker’s Compensation coverage, and a $5,000,000 umbrella policy. We gladly furnish our certificates of insurance to clients and potential clients upon request.

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