We Are Commercial Painters Driven to Exceed Expectations on Your Construction Project


Arch Painting has been devoted to exceeding customers’ expectations for over 20 years. While some commercial painting companies haven’t earned the best reputation for reliability, we’re sure you’ll find our approach refreshing. Our personnel are efficient, dependable, and attentive to your every need as they focus on their top priority: your project.

Protecting your
project’s exterior and
consistently exceeding
your expectations

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The Arch Painting Promise

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There are four main points to the promise Arch makes to every client:

Quality workmanship – We combine our expert knowledge and application skills to deliver unmatched results that last for years. Our staff members are well-versed in every kind of paint, stain, and specialized industrial coating and their appropriate usage.

Solid estimates – We’ve heard that a lot of commercial painters don’t stand by their estimates, and that just makes no sense to us. You can trust that the quote you get from us is the price you’ll pay. And a change in the project scope won’t throw us off: we’ll be happy to adjust the quote as needed.

Convenient scheduling – Arch Painting works around your schedule, even if that means we’re on the job at night or over the weekend. We’re also proficient at coordinating work across multiple locations as needed.

Discretion and courtesy – We expect your project site to be bustling, with other tradespeople as well as your clientele, and that’s perfectly fine with us. Our crew will be highly courteous and respectful of everyone they meet on the premises. And they’ll leave the work area so clean every day that you’ll never even know they were there.

Our Exterior Painting Process

Commercial Painter | Residential Painter - Arch Painting

Protect: An ounce of prevention goes a long way, and our painting crew will cover everything – landscaping, fixtures, vehicles, etc. – with protective dropcloths. If boom lift equipment must be driven onto any grassy areas, we prevent ruts by laying down plywood first. We use ample amounts of barriers, caution tape, and wet paint signage to direct people safely around the work area. Our personnel are also highly trained in the collection and disposal of lead paint chips, should there be any.

Prepare: All exterior surfaces will be scraped, sanded, and/or stripped with chemical solutions as necessary to remove loose paint and rust and make a smooth surface for best adhesion. In most cases, the exterior surface will be pressure-washed to remove visible dirt and mildew and create the best scenario for long-lasting results. And, as needed, our experienced professionals will perform light carpentry repairs.

Apply: All joints will be silicone-caulked to keep out moisture. To make sure the paint will adhere optimally, we’ll apply rust-resistant primers and industrial finishes to any metal areas to be painted, and oil primer to any bare wood before we apply the top coat. As skilled commercial painters, we use a variety of techniques – using brushes, rollers, and sprayers – to guarantee the flawless results that you expect from seasoned professionals.