Fireproof Coatings

fireproof coatings

Improve the Safety of Your Building with Fireproof Coatings

When a fire breaks out, intumescent paint on properly coated surfaces can deliver benefits that conventional paint cannot. Arch Painting excels at the application of all types of fire resistant and fire retardant intumescent coatings that provide this kind of effective fire protection to buildings and homes.

Fire Retardant Intumescent Coatings can be used:

  • As a fire retarding coating on roof timbers, floor rafters, and support members.
  • To protect corridors, stair wells between stories, and exits from buildings.
  • On dividing walls around space heaters, furnaces, or heating plants in basements or compartmented in living areas.
  • In working areas of a factory or process plant exposed to gas or oil-fired heaters, welding or brazing operations, handling of combustible materials.

Intumescent paints are not designed to prevent fires. They are designed to keep damage to a minimum and to “buy time” until help can arrive. However, even following severe fires that were brought under control in reasonable time, the substrate wall, ceiling, and support timber may often be scraped clean to be found still in serviceable condition.