Fireproof Coatings

fireproof coatings

Make Your Building Safer with Fireproof Coatings

In the unfortunate event of a fire, regular paint offers no defense from the flames. For any measure of protection, you must use special paint that resists flames. This fire-retardant coating is known as intumescent paint, and Arch offers expert application of this specialized material.

Here are some of the best places to apply fire-resistant coatings:

  • Roof and floor components: timbers, rafters, beams, joists, and support members.
  • Hallways, stairwells between building stories, and building exits.
  • On dividing walls around any form of heat source (furnaces, boilers, or space heaters) in basements or compartmented within living areas.
  • In industrial situations (factories or processing plants) where there is gas exposure, oil- or gas-fired heaters, welding or brazing operations, or any type of work involving combustible materials.

Keep in mind that intumescent coatings are not capable of preventing fires. Their purpose is to limit damage and to “buy time” until firefighters can get to the scene. That said, even after severe fires that were knocked down within a reasonable amount of time, the underlying walls, ceiling, and support timber are often in good enough condition that the burned areas can be cleaned and salvaged.