A Commercial Painter Dedicated to Your Complete Satisfaction

When it comes to choosing a commercial or industrial painting contractor, exceptional-quality work is a must. But what is equally important is a company that makes your life easier by handling every detail of the job.

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Arch Commercial Painting Services: Your Complete Satisfaction Is Our Goal

We at Arch Painting understand that the reason you hire a contractor is to make your life easier. Entrusting your project to the appropriate reputable professionals can take a load off your mind and keep progress on schedule. It’s crucial to choose a company that makes your life easier by handling every detail of your job with expert precision. That way you can focus on other responsibilities with complete peace of mind. From the point of scheduling right on through job completion, you’ll get the utmost professionalism from our staff, along with our unmatched interior painting services that are tailored to your specific needs.

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What You Can Expect from Us

  1. Solid quotes: Our in-house estimator uses the latest estimation software available to generate a precise job quote. Once we give you a quote, that’s the price you’ll pay. Of course, we also understand that project scope can change, and we’re always happy to adjust and re-quote as needed.
  2. Scheduling flexibility: Construction projects can be full of surprises, which is why we keep both communication and our calendar open: We’ll be there when you need us, days, nights, or weekends. On top of that, we’ll readily coordinate our work across multiple projects.
  3. Unmatched craftsmanship: With top-notch products applied by experienced specialists, you’ll get results that will look outstanding for years to come.
  4. Professional coordination: We are proud of our professionalism, not just with our clients but with fellow contractors. Our team members are always discreet and respectful in working alongside other tradespeople on the project. We will also leave the site completely clean and orderly after each day’s work.
  5. Commitment to safety: As part of our dedication to being the best painting contractor in New England, we carry higher levels of insurance than most other commercial painting companies. The members of our team are also trained and certified in OSHA standards as well as lead and lift certified, and fit-tested for respirator use. All of these measures add up to our clear commitment to the highest safety standards.

Our Interior Painting Process

Protect: Preparation is crucial, and we have lots to accomplish before we even open a can of paint. Our crew will cover all furniture, lighting fixtures, doorknobs, hinges, and other items to protect them from dust and paint drips. All smoke detectors and sprinkler heads will be masked or temporarily taken out of service (in full accordance with building and local fire codes), and signs/barriers will be put in place to direct other people safely around the work site.


Prepare: All nail holes and cracks will be fixed and old wall coverings will be fully stripped off before painting begins, and we’ll caulk any gaps between walls and molding. Dirt and dust will be completely removed from all surfaces to maximize paint adhesion, and uneven surfaces will be sanded for the smoothest possible finish. In addition, we have negative air machines and air scrubbers on hand to ventilate the site and minimize fumes for everyone’s best health. Where there are high ceilings or other elevated areas to be painted, we’ll use scaffolding or lifts as needed.


Apply: The industrial application experts on our team know just what primers and finishes to apply to withstand the strict demands of your commercial setting. Arch Painting takes care of it all – from standard wall paint to floor finishes to industrial epoxies, and every finish in between.