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Southern Vermont Commercial Painting Company

Looking for a commercial or industrial painting company in Southern VT?

Looking for a top-rate painting company to breathe some new life into your Southern Vermont business? Then put your faith in Arch Painting. From residential buildings to large-scale commercial institutions, Arch Painting consistently provides first-rate painting and industrial floor coating services to spruce up or completely revitalize your establishment. A few of the Southern Vermont towns we serve include Reedsboro, Whitingham, Wilmington, Marlboro, Woodford, and Somerset.

Our locally based commercial coatings experts have been praised by several New England businesses, some of which include:

· Orangetheory

· Christmas Tree Shops

· Dunkin Donuts

· Citizens Bank

· Atria Senior Livings

· Residence Inn

In addition, we only employ full-time painters and installation professionals, meaning you’ll consistently have the utmost peace of mind knowing that you’re benefitting from true professionals who are experts in their craft. Since Arch Painting has been in business for over 20 years, we’ve successfully managed to establish a favorable reputation among our many clients through our excellent customer service practices and dedication to quality craftsmanship. In short, we would love to help you transform your property with efficiency and unparalleled professionalism.

Exterior Commercial Painting Services

It’s no secret that customers are attracted to businesses that appear clean and professional. That’s why it’s essential that your commercial institution always looks its best. Our exterior commercial painting services at Arch Painting cover painting facades, wood trim, and more unusual exterior coatings, like paint for galvanized metal on staircases, ramps, or fire escapes.

Interior Commercial Painting Services

While it’s important that your business looks polished on the outside, it’s equally important that it looks fresh on the inside. Arch Painting can help, and in the process, we promise not to interrupt the daily flow of your workplace. After each day on the job, we’ll make sure to thoroughly clean the area. If you wish, we’ll even use our special venting equipment to remove the smell of paint fumes for the premises. Our goal is to make sure we adequately accommodate you, the customer, which is why we’ll always find a way work around your schedule, even if that means we have to work on the weekend.

Commercial Wallcovering Services

Our professionals at Arch Painting are skilled in the use of fabric, vinyl, and textile wallcoverings. Some of our most trusted manufacturers include Maharam, Designtex, JM Lynne, and Surface Materials. If you’d like more details about our list of various wallcovering services, call us today at 844-272-4724.

Industrial Floor and Specialized Coatings

At Arch Painting, we supply an assortment of long-lasting industrial floor coatings that span urethane, epoxy, antimicrobial, electrostatic, and trowel. Not only that, we even provide concrete prep and polishing services to keep your existing floors looking their absolute best. For more details, feel free to reach out at 844-272-4724; we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.