When you’re thinking of a time to start your painting project, winter certainly isn’t the first season to come to mind, and with good reason. Winter’s cold, dark days make for bad conditions for outdoor projects, so exterior paint jobs or other outdoor renovations should probably wait for warmer weather. Interior painting, however, can be done year-round. There can even be some benefits to interior painting in the winter, as long as you take the proper precautions.

If you just don’t have enough time to complete your interior projects during the spring and summer, don’t panic. Unlike exterior projects, you won’t be limited by the weather or the daylight, so you can pull off painting even in the thick of winter. In fact, it can even be beneficial to paint during this time. For starters, a problem with painting in the summer is that moisture in the air can cause paint to remain wet for longer. However, winter air is much less humid, which means faster and better drying for the paint. Additionally, painting contractors are less busy in the winter, since exterior projects are virtually impossible during this time. Arch Painting is always flexible and accommodating of your schedule, including on weekends, and when winter rolls around we have even more time to dedicate to your interior projects.

However, there are some factors to take into consideration before committing to a winter paint job. For example, the weather can work both for and against you. The lack of humidity in the winter air makes it more optimal for drying the paint, but if you’ve got your windows open to let that air in, you might rack up the heating bill. This is because not only do you want to keep your painters warm, but you’ll have to keep the house above 60 degrees in order to assure proper adhering and drying temperatures for the paint.

Even if you’re worried about opening the windows and exposing your house to the elements, you still have to properly ventilate to ensure safety. Indoor ventilation can be accomplished with fans, dehumidifiers, and opening all interior doors. The best way to play it safe, though, is to choose a paint that’s either low-VOC or zero-VOC. Paints that have low VOC, or volatile organic compounds, release less pollution into the air to promote a healthier environment. Arch Painting offers low- or no-VOC paints to be environmentally friendly and to make painting indoors safer.

So, if your painting project just can’t wait, don’t fear the winter! Just make sure you’re aware of the risks and precautions, and you can successfully revamp the inside of your building at any time of the year.

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