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Arch Painting is your trusted partner in commercial painting solutions.

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Exterior Painting for Your Business

Commercial Exterior Painting

Enhance the curb appeal and protect your business investment with Arch Painting’s professional commercial exterior painting services. Choosing Arch Painting means partnering with a reputable commercial painting contractor committed to delivering results that go well beyond the status quo of painting services.

Our specialized services cater to any project size, promising unparalleled customer satisfaction. Regular maintenance with Arch Painting not only safeguards the value of your business but also significantly reduces long-term repair costs.

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Discover the Arch Painting Difference

Why Choose Professional Commercial Exterior Painting Services

Hiring a professional commercial painting contractor can significantly impact the appearance of your commercial building’s exterior. Expertise in surface preparation, quality materials and techniques, and timely completion with minimal disruption are key pieces to how we work here at Arch.

For instance, our professional painting contractors offers the following benefits:

  • Thoroughly prepares the surface by cleaning, repairing imperfections, and applying the appropriate primer

  • Uses high-quality paints and advanced techniques

  • Provides an optimal paint job that lasts for years

  • Achieves a visually appealing and durable finish

Professional painters can adjust their schedule to your business hours within a suitable time frame, minimizing disruptions to your operations.

A Leader in Commercial Painting

How Arch Painting Stands Out

At Arch Painting, we offer unmatched quality and service that distinctly positions us above the rest. Our dedication to excellence is evident in several critical areas:

  • Specialized Expertise: Our team is comprised of professionals who specialize exclusively in commercial exterior painting. This specialized focus means that we bring a level of precision and skill to each of our projects.

  • Superior Quality Materials: We select only the highest quality paints and materials designed to not only create an aesthetic to your businesses exterior, but that also provides protection against weather. This ensures both lasting durability and appeal.

  • Efficient Project Completion: Recognizing the importance of your time and business operations, Arch Painting is committed to completing your project on schedule. Our efficient project management and execution strategies are designed to deliver timely results without ever compromising the quality of our work.

  • Minimized Business Interruption: We plan and execute our painting projects with your business in mind, working to ensure that our operations cause minimal disruption. Our team is adept at maintaining a clean and organized work site, ensuring that your business can continue to operate smoothly.

  • Customer Satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is at the core of what we do at Arch Painting. We collaborate with our clients from start to finish, ensuring that your vision is realized and that our work exceeds your expectations.

Industry Experience Matters

Knowledge of Key Industries

At Arch, we specialize in a variety of different industries that all benefit from our commercial exterior painting services in a number of ways. The industries we serve include:

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What We Do

Our Exterior Commercial Painting Services

Arch Painting provides a range of exterior painting services for commercial properties and
businesses, including:

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Exterior house painting

Exterior Commercial Painting

Elevate curb appeal with top-notch painting for commercial exteriors.


Graffiti Coatings & Removal

This service is designed to efficiently remove unwanted graffiti from any surface and apply protective coatings to prevent future vandalism to maintain the integrity and appearance of your space.


Specialized Coatings

We’re well-versed in specialized coatings for industrial applications, field-erected tanks, swimming pools, surfaces requiring corrosion and abrasion resistance, and synthetic coatings for culture ware in life sciences.


Wood Replacement

We recognize that wood rot is an unavoidable aspect of property maintenance, especially for commercial buildings. Regular maintenance and timely repairs of siding and wood rot are vital to ensuring the structural health of your commercial exterior.

Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing

Prepare exterior surfaces for painting, restore freshness, and enhance aesthetics.

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EIFS & Stucco Repairs

Repair and restoration work for commercial buildings with EIFS and stucco.

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Arch Painting

A Trusted Commercial Exterior Painting Partner

Arch Painting is a trusted partner for commercial exterior painting services, offering expertise, quality, and timely completion. With specialized training and adherence to industry standards, Arch Painting’s team of professionals is committed to providing exceptional quality, reliability, and excellence in its commercial exterior painting services. To request a quote or schedule a complimentary consultation, call 617-397-3723.