National Retail & Property Management

This commercial exterior painting involved a full exterior repaint and property refresh for three buildings within the same shopping plaza for a client in the Tampa Bay, Florida area. The scope included retexturing, repairs, and painting. The project was split into three phases per the client’s request. Updating the property for an aesthetic update was the primary purpose, as well as to protect the property from further damage. This was a full exterior repaint for the plaza including Buildings A, B, & C.

National retail and property management exterior job

The project contained many elements and required following a tight deadline with a phasing plan for each building. The client wanted a complete color change for the exterior of the building. The first step was to clean the cracks in the wall, patch them to be flush, and then primed, retextured, and painted them.

Next, measures were taken to protect the existing structure and maintain the integrity of the building.

Our team was able to efficiently coordinate with the other contractors, including landscapers and asphalt companies, to ensure smooth progress. Our concern was also to minimize disruption to other nearby businesses as much as possible, many of which remained open during construction. To work around this, our team worked before the stores opened in the morning as well as during the evening hours.

This comprehensive phased approach ensured a high-quality finish and minimal business disruption, highlighting the team’s efficiency and professionalism. This project aligned perfectly with the Arch Painting team’s expertise and capabilities. This is the property type in which we shine and showcase our best work.

In Progress

A beige building wall with long white streaks, likely from prior repairs, under a clear blue sky with part of a parking lot visible on the left.
An empty strip mall parking lot in front of a beauty center with a weathered green exterior and a large blank sign above the store.
A covered walkway with white-paneled ceiling and circular light fixtures leads to multiple storefronts on a sunny day. Nearby, a parking lot with cars and a few buildings are visible under a clear blue sky.
pressure washing
Two workers in a lift pressure washing a beige building with a large satellite dish on the roof. A pickup truck with a water tank is parked nearby.
A dimly lit entrance to a store with closed glass doors, red tape on one door, a metal barrier in front, and a beige brick wall to the side.



Finalized exterior commercial project
retail property exterior painting project
A large, vacant commercial building on a sunny day, with the number "2525" visible on the upper corner. The building has white and gray walls and a yellow curb along the perimeter of the parking lot.
Finished exterior painting on commercial property

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