Top 3 New Trends for 2022 Spring Exterior Painting

There is no better way to make the exterior of your property unique than with exterior paint. Even if your home is made from brick, it is possible to paint the material and transform the outside of your home. Or, if you want to paint features around your home to transform your exterior look, then you could use the paint trends to paint your fences, benches, and more.

Furthermore, there is no better time to repaint your exterior than in Spring. These are the months where the weather is improving, there is less rain and therefore, more time to get the job done. Painting when the weather is right (not too hot and not too cold) will make the job much easier and stress-free. Therefore, if you are looking to paint the exterior of your home this Spring 2022, then here are the top 3 exterior paint trends.

Light Hues

When you think of spring, you think of light colors. Typically, pastels and creams come to mind, right? Therefore, there is no better trend to follow than the light hues trend. This entails various colors from pastel blues and yellows to white and light beiges.The great thing about the light hue exterior paint trend for Spring is that there are so many colors to choose from.

No matter if you prefer a splash of color or a minimal neutral tone, so many colors fit into this trend.Furthermore, it is most common to have one wash of color in a color-based trend, especially if you want your home to look modern. Hence, it will be pretty straightforward to paint the exterior of your home.

Should you want to use multiple light-hued colors, then you could use a design or block of color. Either way, sticking with the light hues will ensure that you align with the trend and make your home look Spring-appropriate. If you are someone who prefers color, then the best light hues to choose include pastel blues, green, yellows, and oranges.

These are the most natural and minimalist colors that you will find in the ‘light hue’ spectrum. Opposingly, if you prefer neutral shades, then you might want to opt for a cream or off-white. Anything that reflects the color of natural stone is pretty popular among the light hue trend for Spring 2022.

For a cleaner finish, a pure white would fit this trend. Anything that offers lightness and cleanliness offers that minimal, clean, and versatile finish.If you are someone that prefers to keep the bricks their original color, then you could paint features around the exterior of your home with your chosen light hue shades. For example, you could consider painting your fence a lighter color, which is quite unique. Fences are often darker tones as they as more weather-resistant.

However, if you want to transform the exterior of your home into something unique, then painting your fence a lighter color is pretty trendy.Or, you could use the light hues to paint your door, a bench, or your flower pots. There are so many exterior features that you could consider adding to align with the light hues trend. Or, you could transform your current features.

Limewash Walls

Limewash walls are a huge trend for Spring 2022. These walls are being seen inside and outside of the home. A limewash wall appears cloudy and chalky. In effect, it transforms a wall into a natural-looking wall, as if it has been stripped of its color and restored to its original look. The reason for the limewash wall being so on-trend is because so many people are preferring natural canvases.

Seeing as limewashed walls look ‘stripped-back-to-basics’, there is no better way to achieve the natural look. Although this trend might seem tricky to master yourself, it is easily possible with the help of expert painting companies like Arch Painting. To achieve a limewashed wall, it is common to use mineral based paints. These offer the chalky and cloudy look.

The limewashed wall trend typically includes greys or beiges. However, it is possible to align with the Spring 2022 trend and use other colors. For those who wish to truly stick with the trend and achieve the look that other people are attempting, then greys and beiges are the best colors to choose for limewashed walls.

The limewash trend for Spring 2022 is the only one where you will find it difficult to paint anything other than the walls. You could paint your flower pots. But, you won’t find it as effective as painting benches or fences with mineral-based paints. Therefore, if you want to use the limewash paint trend, then you will want to consider painting your exterior walls.

Deep Green

Interestingly, deep green colors are very on-trend for 2022. Unlike the light hues and limewashed greys and beiges, deep green is a totally unique color to go for when painting the exterior of your home. Sticking with the ‘natural’ theme, deep green is among one of the most natural colors among the darker tones. This is due to it reflecting trees, forests, jungles, and other outside spaces. Hence, although it is very different, it does still conform to the natural trends.

For those that prefer block colors, especially those a lot bolder than pastels, then deep green is a great option to choose for your exterior paint. Seeing as it is a bold color, it makes the styling of your home’s exterior pretty easy. It means that you won’t need to add much to make it unique or attractive. Instead, the color will do the work, and also, it will likely stay on-trend for quite some time.

If you are someone that enjoys lighter tones but still wants to use these deep green exterior paint color trends, then you could consider using a feature wall. Just like inside the home, you can paint one wall with the deep green shade and paint the rest another lighter shade. Therefore, you will still align with the trend yet not have the entire exterior the same color. If anything, using a feature wall will help you hit two Spring 2022 exterior paint trends on the head.

You could use the light hues trend and paint three walls off-white and finish off with a deep green front-facing wall. Moreover, you could use the deep green color for accents around your exterior. For example, you do not necessarily need to paint the walls. Instead, you could paint the fences or outside benches with the deep green shade.

Deep green is a shade that is appropriate for all seasons. It is ideal for Spring as the green shade represents nature, which everyone starts to enjoy again once the weather warms up. Thereafter, darker exterior paints often offer longer-lasting results as it is less likely to stain. Painting with darker colors can sometimes prove difficult. Therefore, it might be a good idea to use a professional to help you get it right. Or, you might need more coats than other lighter shades.

Overall, there are pretty fun trends for Spring 2022 when it comes to exterior paints. Over the years, quite dull and ordinary colors and finishes have been popular for residential homes. However, in 2022 it seems more people are leaning towards fresher and more natural finishes. For example, the limewash wall was a highly popular exterior paint trend decades ago. Some homes were finished with limewashing as opposed to brickwork. Hence, the circle the trend has taken is seeing homeowners going out of their way to achieve a limewash finish.

The stand-out trend for Spring 2022 is the deep green. Although it is no surprise as most paint companies are seeing an increase in demand for various green shades, it is definitely unique. It is common to see pastel greens and sage greens on the outside of homes. However, these tones might be considered dated for 2022. Hence, deeper greens are a great choice to align with the Spring 2022 exterior paint trend.

Should you not be keen on painting your exterior yourself or simply want a professional finish, then it is worth in investing in expert help. The team at Arch Painting will help you with any exterior paintwork. No matter what trend you want to choose for repainting your home in Spring 2022, they will have the experience and tools to make it come true.

It is often worth asking for help when you are repainting the entire home, as it is quite a big job and often requires some level of safety measures. Hence, you can attain professional results, stay safe, and hit the nail on the head with transforming your home to align with the Spring 2022 exterior paint trends.

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