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A Different Kind of Client: Arch and a Veterinary School

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Nestled in central Massachusetts is one of the premier establishments for animal care in New England. The large animal facility alone boats 40,000 square feet that includes an intensive care unit, surgical suites, and diagnostic imaging equipment.

While it was about time for a refresh anyway, with accreditation coming up the school wanted to look its best. Known as efficient, reliable, and accommodating with an exemplary focus on customer satisfaction, Arch Painting was the clear choice for the job. Read More

Fixing Discoloration Due to Water Damage on Your Walls or Ceiling

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Flooding, melting snow, a leaky roof or windows, burst pipes – there are no shortage of ways water can cause damage to the inside of your home or business. No one ever plans for this sort of disaster, and so many people end up overwhelmed and frustrated by the cleanup and restoration process. Read More

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Selling your house? How does a 145% return on investment sound?

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Imagine if you went to buy a car and the sales rep wheeled out a car that was rusted, the paint work was shabby and chipped! You’d probably laugh and walk away. No one wants damaged goods and sellers always want the best price for whatever they are selling. Read More

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