It’s time for our final project feature of the year!

The corrugated metal ceiling in the basement production area of this 13,000 sqft water purification plant was heavily rusted due to a chemical spill three years ago. Despite being cleaned by Clean Harbors, damage to the existing coating on ceiling continued as time passed.

Unlike most of the work we do, this job was not about aesthetics. Rather, it was about protecting the metal from further deterioration and future chemical spills. Our painters even touched up all cross members with a small tip that was able to get in all the cracks and crevices.

The worst areas were shot blasted with sand/glass media and sprayed with an application of Macro 920 PrePrime on the remaining rust. This primer is designed for marginally prepared surfaces and penetrates existing, tightly-adhered rust to provide a “tight” substrate prior to subsequent coats. All areas received two coats of Macropoxy 646 Mill White Semi-Gloss Finish via spray application. This polyamide epoxy is designed to have excellent abrasion and chemical resistance should the chemical tanks ever fail and release vapors into air that would eat away at traditional ceiling coatings.

Throughout the project, all equipment was protected with plastic and the floor was covered with ram board. All PVC piping was wrapped in brown masking paper.  We also protected all sprinkler heads each night. Three 2000CFM air scrubbers ran at all times during application as well as the next day to remove odors from the epoxy as office staff work directly above our work area each day.

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