Specialized Coatings and Services

white board paint ceiling paint pool coatings

Arch Painting understands the unique needs of the specialized coatings market. We adhere to the highest professional standards and have the capability to complete the largest jobs under tight deadlines which is why so many contractors choose Arch. With over 20 years of experience we get your job done quickly with fast cure times, and we have the knowledge and expertise to maximize performance, durability, appearance and affordability of your project.

Featured Specialized Coatings Systems

White Board Wall Paint

White board and dry erase wall paint and wall coating is exactly what it sounds like—paint that allows you to safely write or draw on walls! Available in white or in a clear coat for colored walls, our dry erase paint can be applied almost anywhere, with or without a newly available magnetic primer. Let your ideas flow without being limited to pen and paper or a small, messy, traditional white board or chalk board.

Acoustical Ceiling Tile Restoration

Arch Painting uses the highest professional quality ceiling tile coating and restoration products which enable us to resurface entire existing ceiling systems. We use cleaning and coating technologies to make ceilings look and perform like new, for half the cost and one third of the time of replacing the ceiling altogether.

Pool Coatings

When it comes to resurfacing any pool, appropriate product selection and application are imperative to ensuring both longevity and functionality. The experts at Arch will take the time to fully understand the unique needs of your pool before selecting the best products to meet those needs.

Other Commercial Coatings Include:

  • Floors and roofs
  • Epoxy and urethane
  • Waterproofing, rust inhibitors, anti-graffiti
  • Electrostatic painting
  • Polomyx & Zolatone Finishes