Kitchens with neutral colored walls and cabinets are extremely popular, but can be deceptively difficult to compliment with countertops. Countertops such as those made from wood, marble, laminate, or metal can look out of place in neutral colored kitchens, or worse, can make them look washed out. However, there are countertop options that are subtle and versatile enough to be suitable for every neutral colored kitchen.

If you love your kitchen color but are looking for a way to add a little more drama to the space, here are three of the best countertop options to try from our guest poster, Emily Silverman:



Granite countertops with neutral or warm colors are among the best options for kitchens with neutral colored walls. Not only do they match the simplicity and subtlety of the kitchen’s colors, they are also strong, durable, and stylish. Their speckled appearance is subtle enough not to undermine the neutral colors of your kitchen without making things boring. With seemingly endless variations, you are sure to find the perfect granite countertop to match the match the subtle versatility offered by nearly every neutral color.

Not ready to commit to replacing an entire kitchen’s worth of countertops? Try changing just the kitchen island! The island’s spotted appearance will add a subtle contrast with the rest of your kitchen’s neutral appearance, easily making it more attractive. Furthermore, this design can allow you to add additional granite materials throughout your kitchen to create a more cohesive theme.



If you’re not a fan of granite countertops then quartz may be an ideal alternative. Quartz countertops offer many of the same benefits of granite countertops without the vulnerability to water. They are simple and, most importantly, they can complement almost any kitchen design.

For those unfamiliar with quartz, it’s worth mentioning that quartz countertops are subtler than granite. They have the same speckled, spotted appearance of granite but without being too overt about it. Because of this, quartz countertops can be added into any kitchen design without disrupting the neutral grace of the rest of the kitchen.

Quartz comes in many styles and colors, some of which resemble the appearance of marble, granite, natural stone, and even wood and can even be mixed and matched to create interest. You can, for example, combine a granite-like quartz countertop with one that looks like marble for additional contrast.


Natural Stone

If you want countertops that offer a powerful contrast with your kitchen’s neutral colors, then natural stone countertops are the right choice for you. Their wild and untamed appearance offers a sharp contrast with the subtle and muted appearance of most neutral colored kitchens. Natural stone countertops come in many different colors, and their surfaces often feature wild curves and patterns that may seem out of place in classic-style kitchens.

If you are going to use a natural stone countertop for your kitchen, make your choice carefully or better yet, consult an expert. Like granite countertops, natural stone countertops can be used as an accent for a kitchen island because their wild appearance will add an attractive contrast to the rest of your kitchen. However, natural countertops with plain surfaces or minimal color patterns also exist, so there are options for those who want them everywhere in your kitchen. The great thing about natural stone is that there are many of them to choose from, which means that you can find one that is most suitable for your needs.

Neutral colors on kitchen walls convey subtlety, simplicity, and classic elegance. However, these very same colors can often make a kitchen appear bland and timid. Adding the right set of countertops can dispel some of this blandness without undermining the elegance and beauty of your kitchen’s neutral ambiance.


Emily Silverman is a writer from Boston who loves entertaining as well as cooking in her free time.


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