For founder of Arch Painting, Joe Giacalone, what started as a way to provide for, and be close to, his family became both a lifelong career and the legacy that we now know today.

Giacalone founded Arch Painting in 1997 with one goal in mind: to build a full-service painting firm with the service excellence of a small company that also had the capabilities of a larger company.

Giacalone’s journey was paved by his dedication to family, the pursuit of building a successful business, dedication to his craft, and passion for transforming spaces. His innovative approach and tireless commitment to his work have solidified Arch Painting’s reputation as a household name in all things painting and the standards for excellence they represent.

Giacalone was first introduced to painting in high school when he was asked to join his cousin on painting jobs to learn the trade and help earn some extra money. It wasn’t long before the drive to build something of his own grew.

He began as many small businesses do. He worked long days that turned into long nights. From finding jobs, doing the billing, building out estimates, you name it, he wore all the hats he needed to in order to build the company he had envisioned. One crew quickly multiplied into two and the rest is history. As it turns out, he built it better than even he imagined.

Today, Arch Painting provides painting services nationwide.

Anchored in family values, he stresses that Arch Painting is much bigger than him. Not just in the sense of the families this business provides services to, but also in the sense of the families within the company that this business supports.

Giacalone has taken great pride in taking something from nothing and watching it become its own living, breathing thing. To put it in his own words, he says, “I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished. But, I feel like there is so much more. I feel like this is just the beginning.”

If you think Arch Painting is a perfect fit for your next commercial painting or residential painting project, reach out to Arch Painting today.

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