If you want to clean your home, consider power washing. Power washing is a great way to remove stains from your deck and patio, clean the sides of your house, and even wash off any stubborn dirt from your walkways and sidewalks.

Change the Color of Your House

Power washing your house can restore the color of your home. It can remove mold and mildew, dirt and grime, stains, and mildew.

It is worth noting that power washing will not remove paint or stain unless it is applied to a clean surface. If you have painted over previously stained areas on your home then power washing will not remove those spots. In this case you may need to consult with a professional painter who can help you find an appropriate way to cover up these spots so they don’t show through anymore once the job is complete.

Remove Unwanted Stains

Power washing removes stains from the following surfaces:

  • Brick and concrete
  • Vinyl siding
  • Wood (decking, siding, fence boards)

power washing before painting

Clean Your Gutters with Power Washing

Gutters are an often-overlooked area of your home that can be cleaned with a power washer. When gutters are clean, they protect your home from water damage by carrying rainwater away from the walls and foundation of your house. They also help prevent mold growth from occurring on the surface of a home’s siding.

Gutters should be cleaned every 3-5 years depending on how much debris builds up in them, as well as type of gutter material used (metal or plastic). Cleaning should be done before leaves start falling into gutters, or before winter comes if leaves have already fallen into them.

Clean Your Deck and Patio

Power washing can be used on decks and patios, but you need to prep them first. You’ll want to check out your deck or patio for any loose boards or nails that may be sticking out. If you find any, use a hammer and screwdriver to pound them back in so they don’t get caught on the brush of your power washer. Next, clean away any dirt or dust from your deck or patio surface using soap and water before proceeding with power washing. Once this is done, go ahead and apply pressure with your power washer sprayer until all surfaces are clean enough for bare feet!

Now that you’ve got those hard-to-reach areas cleaned up (nails removed), it’s time to rinse off that solution with clean water from a hose if possible; otherwise spray some more soap onto the surface of both sides before rinsing again so no residue remains behind once dry. For added effect during maintenance afterward: try using vinegar diluted in warm water instead of bleach/soap solutions whenever possible since it tends not only make surfaces look better longer but also helps repel insects like mosquitos which could otherwise bother anyone enjoying their newly revitalized outdoor space after having spent hours working on cleaning everything up again after all this work getting ready beforehand.”

Clean Your Garage Floors to your Pool with Power Washing

Garage floors are an important part of your home. They can get dirty, stained and moldy with regular use. Power washing helps remove dirt, grime and mildew from garage floors to keep them looking clean. With the right power washing equipment, you can also remove stains from concrete and other surfaces that might be causing a problem for you in your garage.

Power washing removes build-up both inside and outside your home as well as on hard surfaces like driveways and sidewalks

If you have algae growing on your pool liner or if it has become porous over time due to excessive sun exposure then power washing is a great way to bring back its original color while also adding some shine at the same time!

power washing

Clean Your Walkway and Sidewalk with a Power Washer

You can use a pressure washer to clean your walkway and sidewalk. It is the same method you use when cleaning other surfaces such as driveways, patios and decks.

You can choose from several types of cleaners depending on what you have to clean. For example if you have oil stains from cars then using an oil cleaner is best suited for this situation. If you are cleaning concrete then using a detergent-based solution will work best because it will not harm the concrete or brick when used properly according to instructions on its label instructions. For example read labels before starting any project with chemicals so that no unnecessary damage occurs due to human error as well as improper care taken during application/cleanup process.

Hire Professionals to do your Power Washing

The best way to get the job done right is to hire a professional like Arch Painting! Unless you have a powerful wand, which most people don’t, it’s just better and easier to hire a professional who will know how to use all of the equipment properly. They’ll also know how to work with different surfaces, which is important when working with power washing equipment because different materials behave differently. If you try power washing yourself and hurt yourself by accident (it can happen), then that’s another cost that could have been avoided if you had hired someone else first!

Another thing to consider is that you may not know what you’re doing. Power washing can be dangerous if you’re not careful, especially if you don’t know how to use the equipment properly. You could hurt yourself or damage your property in an accident, so it’s best to hire someone who has experience with this kind of work.


Power washing is not only a great way to clean your house and your property, but it’s also a great investment. If you have been thinking about power washing your home or just started looking into it then we hope this article has helped answer some questions for you.

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