Financial Institution Exterior Project

A commercial chain of banks in the San Jose, California area, needed to have the exterior of their buildings rebranded after a national financial institution acquired it.

Commercial Exterior Painting Project for National Banking Center

Arch Painting Inc. was contracted to paint and repair the exterior surfaces of the building where the old signage was while protecting the new signage that had already been installed. This project included daily coordination with Stratus to follow their sign replacement schedule. Arch Painting had two traveling commercial crews that completed the bulk of the project ensuring a streamlined and efficient process throughout all of the bank’s 60 locations.

The two crews were very familiar with the bank’s request and protocols for being on-site and worked into the night to minimize disruption to normal business hours and operations. With two crews completing the work it was important for us to have one project manager for the entire project. Jose was in constant communication with Stratus to ensure we were on track and made any necessary modifications to the schedule when unforeseeable weather impacted projection.

Per the client’s request, the Arch team sent daily photos of each project, including a before, in-progress, and completed. Not only did the photos showcase a job well done, but they also documented the crew’s on-time arrival and total time at each property. The average job site took three days to complete. Communication was a top priority on this project.

We color-matched the paint to the existing exterior surfaces and painted surfaces until there was a seam or corner to maintain a seamless appearance. This could be an entire wall or just a couple of panels depending on the location. The photos included on this page are from the San Jose location, but several other locations were Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS), Brick, or Wood.

Arch Painting was also a key participant in the unveiling of several bank locations, to celebrate the completion of the rebrand. Two of our internal team members traveled to all 60 locations to unveil the new signage and celebrate with respective teams on the opening of the new branches.

What Our Clients Say About Us:

“I truly love Arch! Arch Painting went above and beyond for me during our BOTW conversion in 2023. Jose and his team worked effortlessly to ensure that all building facades were brought back to like new conditions and exceeded our customer’s expectations. They not only completed their scope but were able to assist us in other areas that truly helped mainstream our deadlines and keep us on track. I have worked with Arch Painting on many projects, and their dedication, professionalism, and attention to detail do not go unnoticed and are what we look for when contacting vendors for a project.”

Sarah N

“Arch’s ability to paint, do skim coats and remove signage. That versatility was very valuable throughout the conversion as well as their flexibility and willingness to do tasks that didn’t necessarily fall within their scope of work”

Cody C

“I’ve worked with Arch on many projects over the last year and have appreciated their ability to maintain schedules, work within our budgets and above all provide quality services. I have confidence when asking Arch to complete wall repair that the job will be done correctly and up to our standards. During a large conversion program last year Arch not only assisted us with wall repair at many sites but went above and beyond to provide any additional support to make sure we could execute the program successfully. A few key components I would highlight include:

  • Scheduling – Arch has been great at maintaining a set schedule, often on a quick turnaround
  • Flexibility – As the scope or schedule has changed on our end Arch has been flexible and able to work with us to meet customer deadlines
  • Budget – Arch has been able to find solutions within our customer’s budget and work with us on pricing
  • Quality – We trust when we hire Arch Painting that the final work will meet both Stratus and our customer’s expectations.”
Allyson N

“I utilized Arch as field managers on the BOTW conversion last year. From the first time I spoke with the crew assigned, they were extremely professional and committed to providing excellent service on conversion weekend. They flew out to Northern CA for the entire Labor Day weekend. They came prepared and ready to work some really long days and cover a lot of miles. Leading up to conversion weekend, we had multiple touch base calls to review site lists, routes, and customer requirements and it all went off flawlessly. Their communication was top-notch throughout the entire unveiling and I couldn’t have been more proud of their hard work and dedication as a Stratus representative!”

Angela K

Before & In Progress

before photo of commercial exterior update for financial institution
before photo of commercial exterior update for financial institution
A scissor lift is raised up next to a multi-story building under construction. The building's exterior is covered with protective material, and a nearby traffic light is visible.
in progress work at night for financial institution exterior project



finished exterior on a financial institution
finished exterior on a financial institution

Before & After

A green wall features the sign "Bank of the West BNP Paribas" in white lettering, alongside the bank's logo, located outside a building with windows and greenery in the foreground.
BMO bank logo on a blue wall with a glass window in the background. Vegetation is visible at the bottom.
A white building with a black lattice entrance and a sign reading "Bank of the West". The parking lot outside includes a handicapped spot and a black car.
An exterior view of a modern building with a blue and white color scheme. It has a black lattice structure, parking spaces, and an accessible entrance. An ATM machine is visible near the entrance.
Front entrance of a Bank of the West BNP Paribas branch located at 2910 Stevens Creek Boulevard. The glass doors and windows reflect nearby buildings and street.
A BMO bank branch located at 2910 Stevens Creek Boulevard. The entrance features glass doors and windows, with visible signage advertising no monthly service charges and a partnership announcement.

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